Roaccutane with Botonics

by admin

After years of trying several over the counter products and antibiotics I was losing hope that anything would ever help my skin as I appeared to have tried nearly everything and my acne was not getting any better and had become very painful. It also impacted my self-confidence hugely.

After doing a lot of research and price comparisons I decided to contact Botonics. From the minute I made an enquiry the service has been fantastic! They offer a free initial consultation , which every few clincs offer and It was great to be able talk with the doctor to discuss the treatment and my suitability for Roaccutane, before making the financial commitment. I did not feel pressured to go ahead but was provided with confidence that there was a cure for the acne I was suffering with.

From here the process was so smooth. Due to not living near the clinic there is a postal option for the blood test which makes things so much easier. I was sent my Initial blood test to ensure I was safe to commence the treatment and received my first prescription within 10 days of contacting the team. From the start everything was so clearly explained and well informed. I feel able to contact them with any concerns or queries and have always received a response within 24 hours and always felt supported.

Since starting I receive regular check-ups with the Dr to discuss any concerns and to ensure I am receiving the correct dosage and not suffering with any abnormal side effects.

Although I still have a while to go in my treatment thanks to Botonics I am now am more optimistic about my skin due to having the teams experience and knowledge to help me. I would highly recommend the team at Botonics and wish I had discovered them sooner!

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