Roaccutane with Botonics

by admin

When I was considering accutane I had two questions – whether to go through with it, given the horror stories online, and whether to go with Botonics. I can say yes to both. Accutane cleared my skin and apart from dryness my side effects were very minor. I think it helps to remember that those who have a bad time on accutane (who are rare) are much more likely to post online than those who have a normal time. I feel a lot more confident now! Botonics were excellent – the consultation was quick and free, i begun treatment very quickly, and it was very easy to complete my treatment during the pandemic, with the drug delivered to my home and the option to complete my two blood tests at home too. My derm was helpful – we had a monthly call and I could contact her or other Botonics staff whenever with questions. Replies were always really prompt. I can definitely recommend them! I did have a purge but my derm made me aware of this possibility and by month 3/4 I was clearly up nicely. Apart from dryness and some mild, very manageable muscle aches when I was on my highest dose, the treatment was fine. I’d suffered from moderate acne for a long time and had tried everything (antibiotics, topicals, diet, skincare products…) and am very happy I chose both accutane and Botonics.

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