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Well done to Botonics for making my efforts to obtain treatment as easy as possible. Once requested treatment the process was dealt with very quickly and professionally. I was reassured by their professionalism and guidance. Every step of my process so far has been conveyed to me in writing and I have been given every opportunity to ask for further information and clarity regarding my ongoing treatment and tests. I am still in treatment but after only 2 months I am starting to see very good results. Prior to commencing my treatment my skin was very oily and acne spots were appearing almost every day. After failing to obtain acne treatment that worked for me from my G.P. I researched online and found botonics. Upon reading about their services and then reading the excellent reviews, I decided to approach them online to find out if they could offer me help and treatment to improve my skin appearance. The process is fairly straightforward, I gave botonics some medical information about myself eg. Height, weight etc. and some further details about myself. They offered to help me with treatment and it was a relief to find someone who actually listened to me and also offered me a solution to repair my acne problems. After consultation and payment the blood testing kit was sent to me immediately and the process was simple to complete. Each step of the process was explained in detail with pictures and diagrams. I sent my blood back to their lab and only had to wait a few days for results. Once my results showed I was healthy to commence medication my prescription was sent to me without any further delay. I am still under treatment with botonics, so far I am very happy with the treatment and service and the improvement in my self confidence and self-esteem is life changing. My skin hasn’t felt this smooth in a long time and would recommend this company to anyone suffering from acne who is looking for a final solution, especially after other treatments have failed.

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