Roaccutnae Journey

by admin

I found botonics online and decided to contact them regarding roaacutane. I have previously been on roaccutane many years ago and it worked really well for me however, that was on the NHS where I lived at home. I thought about asking my GP to refer me back to the NHS however, as this was during Covid it was not an option. I also recall having to go into my dermatologist every 4 weeks for urine sample, blood tests and to pick up the next 4 weeks of my prescription which was something I wasnt going to be able to do living away from home. Therefore, I decided to go through botonics and their process from start to finish was seamless. All consultations are completed virtually meaning I didnt have to take time off work every 4 weeks to make my appointments. Blood samples can be taken from home and the appropriate equipment is sent to your door however, I am someone who is squimish with blood and I asked to go into the clinic to have my blood taken. This was convienient for me the the first time as I was going to be in London anyway where Harley Street is based. The second time I was given a list of nearby hospitals I could attend which was really good and not much distance away.
You recieve 100% support throughout the process. Bill and Dr Dyvia where at the other end of everyone of my emails and responded very quickly with advice and support when needed.
My skin is completly clear, I am so happy with the results. I would 100% choose this option of roaccutane again, everything was delivered to my door. Even after completing my course of 6 months, I have been given an aftercare plan with suggestions of topical skincare to use to make the best out of my skin.
The price for private treatment is very affordable and there are different options for paying for example I paid in 3 installments.
My experience has been really positive and I am so happy with my skin, would highly reccomend botonics and their excellent service to anyone.

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