Saved my skin and self-love!

by admin

I have been suffering with on and off acne for 10 years, mostly just a few pimples, however, around 8 months ago, I developed severe cystic acne due to stress leading to hormonal imbalance. My GP wouldn’t listen to my concerns and prescribed me topical treatment and antibiotics which only made my acne worse, prolonging treatment time, resulting in my skin to flare up so bad where the cysts became so inflamed and deep. I was told if the antibiotics didn’t work, I would then be referred to the dermatologist, which could take up to 6 months to a year.

I was losing my confidence and self-love, I felt broken. Waking up to see another break-out or seeing my reflection destroyed me. I would cry seeing my skin get worse each day. I would walk around with a mask, even outside. I would cancel on plans, I didn’t want anybody to see me. Make up didn’t help either, my acne was so severe that foundation would only cover the redness, the bumps however were visible. I didn’t want to wear make up anymore. It was so draining having to apply make up to go outside, to go to the gym. Make up became a necessity and not something to look forward to. As I said, it didn’t cover up the acne but made it slightly less visible. I was losing myself, I was truly broken. I tried all the skin care, supplements, everything. Absolutely nothing worked.

My experience with botonics was fantastic. I had access to support 24/7, where I could discuss any side effects or reach out for general support. Dr Divya listened to my concerns, she was very professional yet friendly, our consultations felt as if I was talking with a friend (a very knowledgeable friend!). I noticed improvement in my skin from the very first week with little purging to begin with. All consultations were organised by botonics, overall a very smooth process.

I have just completed my 6 month course of isotretinoin and feel quite emotional, gaining my self-love back feels amazing. I can now walk around make up free, with no cysts and bumps on my face! I love my skin. I wish I had found them sooner as my acne would’ve resolved without all the emotional and physical stress it caused me!

I would highly recommend botonics, if you have acne and are going through the same emotions and symptoms as I did, I would suggest you to reach out to them and start your isotretinoin journey.

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