So pleased I chose Botonics!

by admin

I had been considering having tear trough for over a year and researched several clinics in London. Naturally I was nervous about it and had read some horror stories on the Internet about things not going well for others.
During the consultation Naruschka answered all my questions fully, she is an expert in her field is passionate about her work and clearly cares about her patients. She is very calming in her manner but makes sure you are fully informed about the potential side effects and makes sure you are fully ready to go ahead and are making the right decision for you.
I nearly bottled out of the treatment at the last minute but am so glad I went through with it. The procedure itself took about 30 mins. I had just under 2 ml altogether. I had numbing cream on before and although you can feel it when the needles go in it doesn’t hurt at all, I would describe it as an unusual sensation but not at all painful.
The next day I was swollen yes but nothing a pair if sunglasses couldn’t hide. I followed the aftercare and by the following day I had mild swelling but barely even noticeable really. The next day…… Wow. I was over the moon!!!! The swelling had fully gone, I returned to work and not an eye bag insight. It’s feels brilliant and I would recommend to anyone thinking about using Botonics. I couldn’t be more happy. On a side note Bill has the highest standards of customer service. He is friendly very accommodating and always replies quickly.

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