Stress free, supported and practical journey with Botonics

by admin

I was previously on Roaccutane in 2015 and remained acne free for 4 years. Spots started to appear again and got progressively worse and due to the wait to see a dermatologist with the NHS due to Covid, I decided to go private and with the price plan it was affordable. Dr Divya is thorough, reassuring, knowledgable and makes the journey stress free. The postal blood and pregnancy tests are ideal for those who cant travel to the office. The follow up appoinments, reconforming of dosage advice, length of trearment, price plan as outlined by Bill and Cassie were thorough and well organised. The medication was sent via post meaning I was able to access the service during covid restrictions. You never felt forgotten and you were able to contact the clinic at any point and given a quick response if you had any queries or issues. I had the common side effects of joint pain and dry skin but nothing too unmanagable. As advised by Dr Divya my acne did get worse before it got better but after 3 months I was completely acne free and have remained so ever since.

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