Successful non surgical rhinoplasty

by admin

Recently I have had a non surgical rhinoplasty at Botonics and I am satisfied with the results. There were two things I wanted to change about my nose. First of all I did not like the dorsal hump I have and secondly when I smiled the tip of my nose used to “drop down”. During my free consultation Dr. Naruschka was very helpful in explaining the process to me and she answered all my questions. The second appointment when I had the treatment, did not last for long and I did not feel any pain. Dr. Naruschka was very careful and made me feel comfortable during the whole treatment. Three weeks after the treatment I had a free follow up appointment for Dr. Naruschka to check how is everything. Overall I am very satisfied with the results but it is very important for everyone who thinks of having this treatment to understand two things. Firstly, the results are temporary and secondly (for my case at least) this procedure cannot replace a surgical rhinoplasty. The filler can indeed make your nose look straight but the dorsal hump is obviously not removed. Of course, Dr. Naruschka explained all these matters to me and I knew what to expect. Now after having the treatment my nose looks much better and the dorsal hump can hardly been seen.

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