Tear Trough – Excellent procedure and results!

by admin

I started to get concerned and self-conscious with my tear troughs over the last 6 months – a year so I researched online and saw Botonics. I knew tear troughs ran in my family so I was sure they wouldn’t be disappearing anytime soon! After careful consideration, knowing the procedure can be a risky one if not done correctly, I called Bill to discuss a consultation. He was so friendly and put me at ease straight away answering any questions I had.
I met Naruschka for my consultation. She was calming and friendly and left it totally up to me to decide whether I wanted to go ahead with the procedure. I didn’t think twice as she was so professional and talked through in detail any of the questions/complications I had thought of. The procedure was quick and the swelling only lasted a few days, allowing me to carry on as normal. She uses the safest method of doing the treatment and is careful and precise. I have now been back twice and I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering it. I am so happy with the results!
A massive thank you to both Bill and Nauruscka, I’m so glad I found Botonics!

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