Tear Trough : look no further than Botonics

by admin

I have been seeing Naruschka for Tear Trough treatments for some time now. When I first started looking into this procedure I was daunted by the number of practitioners that were out there and I did the best online research that I could. It’s a bit of a minefield but I eventually opted for a clinic. Unfortunately my experience was not good, I was given a cheek enhancement by this other clinic because they did not know how to do a tear trough treatment. Obviously, at the time they told me I was having a tear trough treatment and I didn’t know any different. After the procedure I simply thought the results were the best I could hope for, but It actually didn’t look any different (although my face looked very puffy around the cheeks). Not content with the results I did some more research and that’s when I discovered Botonics and Naruschka. Naruschka is very calm and puts you at ease immediately, I was a little embarrassed at first especially being a male patient and I expect most to be female. Naruschka is very skilled and my results were / are fantastic. I only wish I had discovered Botonics from the start ! Highly recommended.

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