Tear trough treatment

by admin

After coming across a couple of before and after pictures online, I decided to book a consultation at Botonics. My inquiry was followed up quickly, professionally and friendly by Bill. My consultation with Narushka was great as every inquiry I had regarding the treatment was explained to me in great detail. During the consultation, Narushka talked in depth about a range of other procedures I’d had a look at, and unlike other consultations I’d had previously, I did not feel there was any rush or pressure to have anything done on that day. Narushka was very professional and I felt very comfortable in deciding to go ahead with the treatment at Botonics. Narushka let me know what she was doing during the treatment and I did not feel uncomfortable or nervous at any point. Again, I could tell that there was no rush and the treatment was done extremely well – I was more than happy with the results and saw a big difference immediately! I will definitely be going to Botonics again!

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