Thank You Botonics

by admin

Thank you, Botonics.

After going through the process of Roaccutane, my skin has improved drastically, and I’m so grateful.

I’ve suffered from acne for several years, starting with the occasional breakouts but then resulting in painful cysts.

I tried many remedies for my acne over the years, from drug store cleansers and moisturisers to pricey facial products. Sometimes the products would work but only momentarily, ruining my skin with unnecessary chemicals.

I was recommended about Roaccutane by a friend, and when searching on the internet, Botonics was the first to pop up. I read the positive reviews online and knew that this could change my skin for the better.

I had to take a blood test to check if I was eligible to have the medication, which I was, so I was recommended two pills before a meal a day to start.

I received the medication in the post, which was convenient and then began to take the pills over six months.

The side effects included dry skin but was manageable through drinking water and moisturising regularly. Apart from that, there were no major side effects from the Roaccutane pills.

After months and months passed, my skin got increasingly better. The pigmentation in my skin started to come back to normal. There were no more spots on my face. And, my skin was glowing, giving me confidence that has helped me in daily life.

Dr Divya and her team were helpful with the entire process, such as frequent phone calls about how I was doing under the medication or the customer service inside the clinic.

I am extremely grateful for what Dr Divya and her team have done to help improve my skin from the start and would recommend Roaccutane to young people like myself that are struggling with acne.

I’m also looking forward to keeping my skin clear from now on.

Five stars from me.

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