Thank you Botonics!

by admin

I have suffered from acne for over 10 years starting when I was very young, and tried every topical treatment and antibiotics multiple times. I even spent over £1000 on laser treatments and nothing worked so I decided to give to roacctuane a go even though it’s expensive I knew if it worked it would be well worth it. Now I’ve completed my course it’s safe to say it was worth every penny.
The consultation was organised very quickly after first enquiring and the doctor was very friendly and gave me all the information thoroughly and answered all my questions. The process was very quick, I think my pills and blood tests arrived very quickly and they were amazing at organising everything and gave very clear instructions for everything. I would receive an email with available check up appointment times each month and all I had to do was reserve one. The checkups were always on time and usually very quick as I didn’t suffer from too many side effects, but whenever I had a question for the doctor she was very helpful and gave suggestions for what I could do to relieve certain side effects. I only really suffered from dryness and it was very manageable with the right products so luckily didn’t effect me too much.
2 weeks in my skin got slightly worse but begin improving after 1 month in. I would stay it really started to clear after 3 months. I would sometimes breakout each time the dose increased but it was never anything major like how I used to breakout before starting the course.
Now I’ve completed the course I just wish I had done it sooner. Not only my skin but my entire life has changed. I have never felt so confident or comfortable with myself and I can finally leave the house without makeup. It’s the best feeling and my life feels so much less stressful. I would 100% recommend botonics to anyone considering starting roaccutane treatment. It is truly life changing and so easy as all the appointments etc are done over the phone and even blood tests are done at home. Thank you Botonics!!!!

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