Thank you Botonics!

by admin

Finally, after waiting for so long I was able to treat my acne thanks to Botonics!
I started getting spots 4-5 years ago and it just kept getting worse. I tried the NHS at first but my GP kept giving me creams that didn’t work which was delaying my treatment process, and when they finally decided to refer me to a dermatologist they said that the waiting time was 5-7 months! I even tried going to a private hospital where they prescribed me antibiotics that didn’t even do anything to improve my acne. At this point, I didn’t want to leave the house in fear of my acne being apparent.
I came across Botonics online, read the reviews and decided to book an appointment straight away. I was surprised at how fast they were! I received my tablets 2-3 days after my phone consultation, and had my blood test done the following week. Everything about the process was clearly explained and I had a check-up with the doctor every month, where I was constantly reminded to book an appointment. Every time I had a question I would just email Botonics where I would get a quick response within hours of sending my email.

At the beginning of my treatment I had a purge where my spots were all coming out in the first 2 months, but they were also drying out quickly. I also had some pain in my ribs in the beginning but that only lasted around 2 weeks. Other side effects that I had were: dry lips which lasted throughout my treatment, dry eyes which lasted for around one month and a dry nose which only started showing towards the end of my treatment. I also had some rashes that appeared every now and then, but my doctor recommended a very good moisturiser which helped recover them quickly.

I am very grateful to have found Botonics and treated my skin fully within 6 months. I am much more confident in my skin now and can take off my mask without thinking that my acne would show to others. My skin looks amazing and everyone at work can see the difference. I have a young friend suffering from acne so I recommended Botonics to her and she’s starting her treatment soon!

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