Thank you to Botonics for helping to clear my skin

by admin

I am sincerely grateful to Dr Divya and the team at Botonics who made my roaccutane / isotretinoin treatment journey so smooth and efficient.

I’ve suffered with very oily and consequently, acne-prone skin for over 20 years. When I was younger, I was always told that my skin would eventually clear up on its own – it never did. To make matters worse, I also developed very sensitive skin and rosacea, dermatitis and inflamed scalp skin. It took me hours to sort out my scalp just to leave the house! The NHS GPs always just prescribed shampoos and topical steroid products and I was on antibiotics for over 20 years. Do not waste your time and damage your body with useless medications like lymecycline, just ask for isotretinoin. That being said, whenever I mentioned this I was always told that I didn’t meet the criteria for seeing a NHS dermatologist.

Thank god for Botonics as they were a lifeline for me. I started treatment and had relatively few side effects (only dry lips and hands, with dry eyes now and then). Lubricants helped of course.

The process with Botonics is very simple. Everything is done for you and you receive very detailed instructions about what’s expected of you. Dr Divya is brilliant and non-judgemental. I’ve seen other doctors about my skin and they always just seemed to brush off my concerns. You get all of your medication sent to you once you’re assessed for treatment and then just take the tablets as instructed. So it’s very simple and efficient. No need for constant trips into central London for consultations. The whole process is very well organised and the admin team always send you reminders about things coming up.

As mentioned, I had very few side effects. Lots of stories out there try to scare people off the medication but I find it’s always just someone not wanting you to have a better skin! My skin is completely clear now thanks to the treatment. My main advice is not to be afraid to try the medication and especially through Botonics as it’s so clear and simple with them. Some of the literature always tries to highlight “an increased risk of suicide” amongst those on the medication but for me this again is scaremongering. People with acne irrespective of the degree of acne know very well of the mental challenges of living with bad skin. Roaccutane actually helps our mental health!

I’m so glad that I’ve completed my course of roaccutane. I have used premium skincare products for over 20 years, spending at least £300 a month on skincare so the investment in this treatment has also saved me money long term. View this medication as an investment in yourself and the treatment with Botonics was definitely value for money compared to other places out there. I would definitely recommend Botonics to friends and family. Thanks again to Dr Divya and the Botonics team.

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