The word that comes to mind every time I refer somebody to Botonics is ‘consistency’

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It all started with a chat from a friend who I was talking with about getting dermal filler in the top of my nose area, I suppose it hadn’t occurred to me you could have this done but shortly after speaking with her I knew what I wanted. I had always had issues around the nose area and felt that it played a major role in everyday life challenges from going shopping to having a night out, business meetings ect. it’s something which is so small and irrelevant that a lot of people would take it as being vain but when it comes down to it those people have no idea what you feel like inside. After contacting Bill (Botonics) he was amazing just brilliant from the outset he clearly went through every detail and made it very simple for me to understand, I had my first appointment with Naruschka (Botonics) and I was very nervous this was the start of something life changing for me, Naruschka (Botonics) is one of these people you feel automatically comfortable with, very charming put me at ease and all my concerns and really worked hard on making me look and feel like I’ve always wanted to.
There was no pain from the injection going in very easy flowing and fast, once Naruschka (Botonics) had finished I looked in the mirror and started really getting emotional after all these years the problem was fixed and I feel almost instant relief.
The bruising is minimal and the pain is far to none, an hour treatment and you’re done! I have been to see Naruschka (Botonics) 3 times now and keep coming back for the same boost of confidence; I have been in talks with her about dermal fillers for my cheeks and Botox around the forehead area, which I’m very keen to explore.
I don’t like to speak about money but the rates for the customer service you receive is exceptional, the payment plan is a really good way of maintaining your look and being able to afford it!
The word that comes to mind every time I refer somebody to Botonics is ‘consistency’ in the world we live today many people do the same job but very few are willing to go that extra mile and deliver every time.

Mathew 24 Kent/London

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