True professionals – evidenced by the fact they said no and refunded £££

by admin

I approached botonics for our 16 y.o. son with acne (topical creams, prescribed by GP, are not working). His two siblings are on roaccutane through the NHS but waiting lists are now so long (understandably, exacerbated due to COVID) and he begged us to seek private treatment as his skin is being commented on at school (#kidscanbecruel). Botonics were fantastic – we had a speedy, virtual consultation; paid the full fee upfront (they do have payment plans though) and went for blood test in Harley St (you can do it by post if not a Londoner). Sadly, our son’s blood tests revealed he is not suitable for roaccutane at the moment and botonics declined to commence treatment and refunded us. Rather than being annoyed, I was reassured that botonics are not chancers/money-grabbers (cf. an unscrupulous Harley St group which a family member approached last year on another matter) but, on the contrary, are true professionals with the patient’s interests at the forefront. We look forward to engaging with them again in 2022 when son’s blood tests have been resolved. Bill could not have been more helpful.

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