Truly amazing life enhancing experience!

by admin

My friend researched all she could on Dr Joffily so when I went to the consultant appointment, I knew she had chosen well. Not only is Dr Joffily extremely professional but also caring and has an obvious passion to his work.

I booked my Vaser Lipo procedure for the following week and I’ve never looked back. Amazing results!! In total since, with sensible eating, no carbs…I’ve lost 9kgs but most importantly I can see and am so proud of my new found curves. Elated, truly elated.

For the first 10 days, restricted in the specially made body suit but very quickly it became my new best friend.

Pre and post procedure, I have to say, I was also made to feel at complete ease with Bill, on the phone. Any questions, however big or small, nothing seemed to much of a problem….always with his calming, caring voice always put me at ease, Thankyou once again Bill.

I had never in my life spent so much for myself but I can say, with my hand on my heart, It was soooo worth it! I feel at least 10 years younger and the new found confidence and bounce in my everyday life as a mum to two, is incredible.

We all deserve to treat ourselves and I would and have highly recommend it to anyone.

I truly wake up and go to sleep smiling……
Eliza aged 40

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