Vaser with Botonics: Incredible Service – Amazing Results

by admin

I had a Vaser Lipo on 3 areas a week ago. After consulting different centres I went for Botonics. The person in charge (Bill) seemed extremely friendly and personable, and instead of having to go and talk to a middle man, I got a free consultation with the actual surgeon (Dr. Nurein). The consultation was very straight to the point, it convinced me and saved me an extra visit – difficult to fit in my agenda. Bill, the person ‘on the other end of the line’, is amazingly efficient and friendly, at all times transparent. He offered a fully inclusive pricing, including 2 compression garments, antibiotics and 5 sessions of extra-care.
The procedure itself was less painful than expected. I was even entertained at times looking at the team work and my fat leave my belly! Dr. Nurein proved to be highly professional and a perfectionist in what he does – which is what you should be looking for in this type of procedure. I am happier than I thought I would be as he went the extra mile 🙂 !
I am now recovering fast, yes I do have a few bruises but had very little swelling – most probably thanks to Dr. Nurein but also to the included 5 sessions of lymphatic massage provided but yet another excellent professional, Fabia Santos!

All in all, I couldn’t be happier. This procedure is in general expensive, but Botonics has provided me with an exceptionally good value for money, I am amazed at the results. So, I can only praise them and recommended them wholeheartedly!!

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