Very happy with the accutane treatment…

by admin

At the beginning of 2021 I started developing severe acne on my jawline and cheeks. After looking for several solutions that would mean months of waitlists and not guarantee of good undertaking I decided that botonics looked like the best solution. Within my first month my skin had already drastically improved. The monthly appointments with Dr. divya made me feel really confident and happy that I made the right decision. She adjusted the dosage monthly perfectly so never experienced the extreme side effects that you often see online. By the end of the treatment all my acne is gone as well as the scars. I’m very happy with the results and process. The only downside was having to spend more money for further vitamins and aftercare when you are already spending so much on the treatment. So be prepared to account for another few hundred pounds if you need additional treatments or skin care to help with the side effects such as vitamins for hair loss etc. However, considering how difficult it is to get this treatment any other way in the UK but to go private, I definitely think it is worth it.

You will get personalised treatment and regular monthly catch ups with Dr. Divya. The 2 free blood tests were done in a very nice clinic in central london. The nurses there are so nice and lovely! You should be in and out in minutes every time so really convenient to go before work. You also get a pack of free pregnancy tests to do once a month. Unfortunately I doubt that I would have been so well looked after with the NHS. I know people who have and their skin has not cleared like mine as they havent had the best care and personalised treatment. I really believe that Botonics is the best way forward for complete and successful treatment. Looking forward to keeping my skin clear and smooth from now on.

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