Very natural result,will not see anyone else in the future!

by admin

I stumbled across Botonics originally through Groupon,where i purchased a voucher for a derma filler treatment.
I was quite apprehensive as I work as a Model and I my work depends on my face.
Narushka laid my fears and doubts at rest very quickly,understanding the results i wanted and reassuring me by answering patiently all the thousand questions i bombarded her with.
I had the lines between nose and mouth done,and she did such excellent job,it lasted more than a year until i saw her again to have it done again!
She also injected a small amount of derma filler into my top lip,as it has become slightly thinner with age.The result is brilliant,very subtle but i feel like my lips are back to how they supposed to look!
I am thrilled and will be back for more in the future!Highly recommend.

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