Very professional and experienced!

by admin

I saw specialist Naruschka for my lip augmentation. I have quite thin lips and it makes very difficult to wear lipsticks and when I do it tends to look like a thin line. I was tired of their thinness and had been thinking about doing this for at least a year. I wanted to have a natural-looking lip enlargement – slightly fuller look but was afraid of having large duck lips.
As this was my first cosmetic procedure I was very anxious but the same time excited to get the procedure done. Fortunately Naruschka completely understood what my concerns are and addressed them accordingly. She gained my trust immediately as a very experienced and confident specialist.
The procedure took about 30 minutes and itself hurt quite a lot and my lips were sore and swollen for the first 2 -3 days but I was fully recovered within 4-5 days. I was very happy with the results immediately after the procedure. Now my lips look and feel very natural.
Botonics Plastic Surgery Group undoubtedly earned my trust. As I really felt listened to and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.

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