What can I say Naruschka Henriques is…

by admin

What can I say Naruschka Henriques is just the best. I had been unhappy for years after a bad nose job (done by another surgeon) which had left me with a ski-slope and then sadly had further trauma to my nose which left it mis-shapen and so uneven and deformed looking. I was totally miserable saving for yet another nose job when I came across the non surgical option. I went and had a free consultation and after which I had my first treatment and was beyond over the moon. My nose was straight and defined and the best it had ever looked I was so happy. I came back after around 9 months for a top up and then treatment lasted longer and longer each time I had it done. I am due to get married and live in the Midlands and decided I wanted cheek fillers aswell as the non surgical nose job. I do not know what possessed me so close to my wedding date but I tried another clinic locally which had good reviews and were offering a deal on two treatments. This was the worst mistake I could have made. My cheek filler as ok but my nose was horrific. It looked like it did before I had ever been to Naruschka. Symmetry totally off, no definition I was devastated. My hen do was 5 weeks away and my wedding 8 weeks away. I gave it two weeks to see if it settled down which it did not and contacted Naruschka who fitted me in for an appt a day or so later. She gave me great advice and reassured me it would all be ok. I went back to the original practitioner and she dissolved it but I had to go back twice as she tried to fix it first but it was still terrible result. So after 3 lots of needles going in my face I ended up back to where I started before ever having any filler. Not only was it a stressful waste of time and money and caused me so much upset, I lost all the build up of old filler I had previously had in previous treatments. 2 weeks later I was in with Naruschka and now I feel like myself again. A week later I was at my hen do and nose was not quite settled but no-one noticed as had my makeup done. I know by the time my wedding comes round in 3 weeks it will be perfect and settled. So I never write reviews but my advice to anyone is dont be seduced by deals, you get what you pay for. In my case it nearly cost me looking my best on my big day, do not risk it. Noses are such an important parts of our faces, you cant afford for it too go wrong. I would never go anywhere else ever again.

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