Wonderful life changing treatment!

by admin

I have had under eye hollows for a few years now, and felt I couldn’t look my best as they made me look really tired regardless of how much sleep I had. I had visited many other practitioners previously who advised surgery was my only option. I was reluctant to go for surgery as I really believed I could find a less drastic solution to my tired look. I finally came across Botonics and read about Naruschka’s work and decided to make an appointment. I was delighted to meet Naruschka who understood my concerns about my look and how that made me feel on a daily basis. Naruschka was very calm and understanding and explained to me how the procedure worked and answered all my questions thoroughly.She advised I would probably need 2 treatments, which would improve the hollows. My treatment was almost painless, and and didn’t take as long as I had anticipated.. After the treatment , I was amazed how my horrible hollows had almost gone! I felt I looked at least 10 years younger with such a quick treatment. Naruschka is a true artist and I am so grateful to have found her!

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