Wonderful treatment and results at Botonics

by admin

I first visited Botonics in the summer of 2017 to inquire about a non-surgical nose job. I had just discovered the procedure and felt so relieved that there was a reversible and non-drastic way to alter my nose, one of my biggest insecurities. I have always had a dorsal hump, and after injuring my nose it became crooked which bothered me greatly. On researching venues that offer the procedure, Botonics was consistently on top of my list due to the multitude of 5-star reviews – so many that I was dubious at first! However, as soon as I met with Naruschka Henriques I understood the reason for all the high praise. I was able to receive an appointment quickly following email correspondence with the very helpful staff – special thanks to Bill! – and was reassured that the consultation would be free regardless of whether or not I went through with the procedure. In fact, the very first appointment I had with Naruschka I didn’t receive the treatment; I wanted time to think about it and Naruschka couldn’t have been more understanding, ensuring me I was welcome to return whenever. A month or so later I did return, this time intending to receive treatment, and Naruschka took me through everything – risks, expectations, etc. – making sure I was fully comfortable before undergoing the non-surgical nose job. The procedure itself was almost painless and entirely less nerve-wracking than I was anticipating. Naruschka chatted with me the entire time, and it was done in less than 15 minutes! When I was given a mirror to view my nose I could hardly believe it, and I was incredibly pleased with the result and grateful to Naruschka for her help in tackling one of my biggest insecurities. I paid the exact amount I had expected to (there were no hidden fees) and received excellent advice on aftercare. I have since returned to Botonics and received another treatment, with even better results, and intend to visit again soon. I want to give a big thank you to Naruschka and all of the team!

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