Cosmetic Dermatology

In case you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a handy summary of our more popular Cosmetic Dermatology treatments. Simply scan the table or type your concern into the ‘Search’ box and links to your treatment options will instantly appear. Follow this link if you’re interested in one of our Plastic Surgery procedures.


AreasConditionTreatment Options
HairLossHair loss can be reduced and reversed for both men and women with Mesotherapy treatments.
Forehead, Around EyesFine lines and wrinklesFor fine lines that are dynamic (i.e. show when you smile or frown) or static (i.e. are always visible), Wrinkle Relaxing Injections are the gold standard treatment for the forehead and around the eyes.
Between EyebrowsDeep linesFor vertical lines between the eyebrows that are not too severe, Wrinkle Relaxing Injections are the first best treatment option. If the lines are more severe, then Dermal Fillers may also be appropriate.
EyelidsHeavy/HoodedFor eyelids that are a bit heavy, a brow lift with Wrinkle Relaxing Injections could be an appropriate treatment. Note, for more severe cases, a Blepharoplasty surgery is indicated.
EyesSmallIf your eyes are a bit small, they can be opened by relaxing the muscles around them with Wrinkle Relaxing Injections to make them appear larger and more attractive.
Under EyesHollowness/darknessA Tear Trough treatment is for that line that runs from the inner corner of your eye outwards and down the cheek. This deformity also presents as a 'hollow' look or darkness under the eyes.
CheeksLack of definitionFor those who have lost the high, sharp cheek bones of youth, a Cheek Enhancement is an excellent anti-ageing treatment.
NoseBumpA bump on the bridge of the nose (i.e. a dorsal hump) can often be fully corrected or at least improved using dermal filler with a Non-surgical Nose Job treatment.
NoseLow BridgeIf the nose bridge (i.e. the root between the eyes) is too low, it can be build up with a Non-surgical Nose Job treatment.
NoseDrooping TipMany people dislike their drooping nose tip which presents at all times, or when they smile or talk. A drooping tip can make your nose appear hooked and unattractive. This can be corrected with either or both a Non-surgical Nose Job and/or Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.
NoseToo SmallClients of some ethnicities often present with a nose that they consider too small (i.e. tip, bridge and/or root). A Non-surgical Nose Job can improve the aesthetic of their nose for suitable clients.
NoseAsymmetricNoses can be asymmetrical congenitally (i.e. you were born that way), or become asymmetric due to injury. Asymmetry can usually be fully corrected with a Non-surgical Nose Job treatment.
Nose to MouthDeep linesFor deep lines that run from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth, Dermal Fillers are an excellent treatment. If skin laxity is an issue, then a Cheek Enhancement may also be indicated.
LipsThinSome people are born with thin lips, others have thin lips thrust upon them! Since lips tend to thin with age, plumping the lips with a Lip Enhancement is a very anti-ageing treatment.
LipsAsymmetricLips can be asymmetrical congenitally (i.e. you were born that way), or become asymmetric due to injury. Asymmetry can usually be fully corrected with a Lip Enhancement.
LipsSmokers Lines'Smokers' or perioral lines (vertical lines radiating from the lips) occur due to loss of volume and indeed smoking is a key cause. The lines are very ageing and so a Lip Enhancement to plump each of these lines individually can make you look much younger. These lines can also be treating with Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.
MouthDownturned MouthOral Commissures, sometimes referred to as 'sad mouth' or a 'downturned mouth', is where a downward line forms at the corners of the mouth. It is caused by volume loss around the mouth and makes you look sad. It can be quickly and safely corrected with a Dermal Fillers treatment.
JawlineLoose skin/jowlingIf you have noticed a slight slackness along your jaw line, this could be caused by mid-face volume loss and skin laxity. A Cheek Enhancement helps replace this lost volume and can help reduce jowling. The jawline itself can also be defined directly with a Dermal Fillers treatment. If these is a pocket of fat under the chin, an option may be to dissolve this with a course of Mesotherapy treatments.
JawlineToo WideIf a wide jaw is caused by large masseter (i.e. jaw) muscles due to teeth grinding/clenching, the muscle can be atrophed (i.e. shrunk) with a Bruxism treatment.
ChinUnder ProjectedA chin that is too recessed or under projected can be unattractive. This can be instantly corrected with a Dermal Fillers treatment.
ChinDimpledThe muscles that cause a dimpled chin can be relaxed with a Wrinkle Relaxing Injections treatment.
SkinPigmentationPigmentation such as dark patches, freckles, etc. caused by sun exposure or hormonal changes by be greatly improved through the use of Prescription Skin Care and Skin Peel treatments.
SkinAcneWe have a broad range of protocols and treatments to bring active acne under control including Prescription Skin Care and Roaccutane.
SkinAcne ScarsScars left behind following acne can be improved through the use of Prescription Skin Care, Dermaroller and Skin Peel treatments.
SkinDull LookingDull, aged looking skin can be greatly improved with Prescription Skin Care, Skin Peel and Dermaroller treatments.
Ear LobesCreaseA crease in the ear lobe can be instantly and safely treated with a Dermal Fillers treatment.
Neck'Turkey Neck'Platysmal bands (i.e. vertical bands of muscle on the neck sometimes referred to as 'turkey neck') can be improved by Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.
Under ArmsExcessive SweatingExcessive sweating under the arms can be greatly reduced by a Hyperhidrosis treatment.
HandsExcessive SweatingExcessive sweating of the hands can be greatly reduced by a Hyperhidrosis treatment.
FeetExcessive SweatingExcessive sweating of the feet can be greatly reduced by a Hyperhidrosis treatment.



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