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Can dermal fillers help my melted face after losing weight?

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There are many things that we can use dermal filler for. Mostly dermal filler is for augmentation of specific features but it can be used to fill lines. Most commonly, these tend to be lines around the mouth, lines in the glabella area which are these two lines that do present themselves sometimes.

We can flatten those muscles out and stop them from making that movement with toxin, but in those that have very severe and deep lines you may need to use dermal filler to actually fill what remains of that line as well.

“I would like to get rid of the lines, especially between my nose and my mouth.” Ok. “I have got quite an expressive face and unfortunately I after 40 years it shows.”

The length of the treatment depends on the indication. It really does depend on your needs and what treatment we are doing for you because there are just, there is an endless list really of different indications that you can treat with dermal filler.

“My nose, I think, is just a little bit low here. So, I really don’t like it.”

We can use them for earlobes that become very thin or stretched. We can use them for nasolabial folds so that is these very deep lines that appear in the creases where we smile and laugh. And we can use it for scar improvement too.

So the thing to do for that, would be, some dermal filler in this area here. So that when you smile, do your great big smile, you don’t get that curve going down. Instead, what you have, is a curve going up. “Oh, it will be great.” These are areas that we should give some dermal filler to, to just improve this area here and prevent you from developing a deep line in this area. “That’s fantastic.”

The length of time you can expect this type of treatment to last for does depend on the strength of the filler used. Anything from 3 – 6 months for a lip enhancement to perhaps a year or beyond that for for a cheek enhancement.

“I had a quite a tough few years in my life and I think this is the result. So it would be quite nice to get back to a more, happy looking self.”

If you do have a need that you feel could be addressed with dermal filler. Or you’re not sure and you want to know if it could be addressed either with dermal filler or with any other procedure please do contact botonics and come and see me for your consultation and we can talk through all your needs and concerns.


To discuss if a dermal filler treatment might be suitable for you, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to organise a free consultation for you.




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