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Can a lip enhancement look natural? Listen to Jennifer describe her lip enhancement experience.

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How was your lip enhancement treatment?

The lip treatment was absolutely fine. I had the numbing cream put on obviously it worked really, really well, I could barely feel it. There’s a little area there where it’s ever so slightly uncomfortable, I would say definitely not ever painful. Naruschka was really understanding if at any point I need to have a little break or anything like that she would let me. She did it in little stages so it wasn’t overwhelming and obviously seeing the result it was all worth it. I’m really happy.

How did you want to change your lips?

So, I wanted them to be more symmetrical and have more kind of lateral side volume and then just overall more volume, juiciness, plumtiness, whatever word you want to use. And we managed to achieve all of that and I said I really don’t want that unnatural duck lip look which I don’t have at all. So I’m really, really happy and they look perfectly natural as well which is really important. I don’t have that kind of overdone, obvious lip filler look. They just look like nicely big lips.

How was the discomfort level during treatment?

So I had the numbing cream put on, it was left on for quite a while and they went really, really numb. So you can’t really feel anything. It’s certainly not painful. There are two areas here which it was explained to me are a bit more sensitive and it’s a tiny bit uncomfortable but definitely not painful. And it was done in little stages, I was able to take a breather whenever I needed to. So definitely not painful, totally manageable, I will be back to have it done again and I think that’s kind of the best indicator of a treatment. If you’re going to come back and have it done again then it’s definitely not unbearable or painful.

If a friend asked whether they should have a lip enhancement done, what would you say?

I would tell them to defintely go for it if it’s something that they want done. To come to someone knowledgeable like botonics, so they can really understand what it is you want to achieve and is expert at doing it. But if you want to do it, go for it because I think it is a really wonderful thing to have done. It is subtle and it makes you feel more confident and definitely worth doing it.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I just want to say that I’ve, through all the treatments I’ve had done here, felt really, really at ease. I felt it’s been really understood the outcome that I’m expecting and what’s achievable and no pain at all. I’ve just been made to feel at ease, really like comfortable with everything that’s been done and really happy with the out look of absolutely everthing and I’d really recommend it. I’m really happy.


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