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Can you give me lip fillers but make my lips look natural?

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A lip enhancement is a treatment where we use dermal filler to augment the lips. We do this for a variety of different reasons. It might be to sensualise the lips, to accentuate the shape, improve the structure of the lips. So perhaps creating a cupids bow, creating height in the lip, perhaps creating balance even between top lip and the bottom lip.

“I’m happy with the fullness of my bottom lip but I feel that my top lips slightly thinner and I just wanted it to be a little bit more evened out in size.” “I have always wanted to have full lips. At least a little bit fuller because I have never been able to use red lipstick. So that’s my dream – to go to a shop and buy a red lipstick.”

It’s a very short process having a lip enhancement. When the patient arrives and we’ve agreed everything that we want to actually achieve for them, the first thing that we want to do, before we start injecting lips, is to make it a very comfortable process. So it’s important that we numb them sufficiently to make it comfortable enough because it is an injecting process.

I certainly agree that your top lip is smaller than your bottom lip. Although that is actually an ideal, yours is that little bit too much smaller than your bottom lip. So dermal filler is an excellent way to improve that and create some balance between your top lip and your bottom lip and bring a bit more harmony to your face. I think by doing your lip this would set you off very nicely. “Great.”

Generally a lip enhancement will last anything from 3 – 6 months and anywhere in between depending on the person. Everyone is very individual, so you can never predict how long it is going to last, you can never predict how quickly a person might metabolise that product. So I usually, at the very beginning, say to a person “Look, whatever you tend to get from this lip enhancement the first time is pretty much what you’re going to expect in the future.” So if it lasts 3 months for you, expect to top up every 3 months.

“I think they do look natural, and that is what I was expecting from this procedure.” And what do you think of the size? “I’m happy with them. Yes, completely, completely happy.”

If you feel like you’d like to come in for a lip enhancement, then feel free to get in touch with botonics and we can arrange a consultation for you as soon as possible.


To discuss if a lip enhancement might be suitable for you, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to organise a free consultation for you.




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