Can you help me with my liver spots and pigmented skin?


We have a range of skincare that we work with and have for our clients. It is very different to what you would buy in the department stores out there in that it’s not cosmetic in the sense that you can’t just go and buy it over-the-counter. It requires a prescription so it requires a very thorough assessment of our medical history and a very thorough assessment with a view to us prescribing them for you.

It’s there to meet a range of different requirements. To treat acne scarring and pigmentation in the skin and also to rejuvenate the skin. Many of our clients are actually on these products to maintain a very youthful and clear, bright skin too.

There are a wide range people that can benefit from the use of this skin care. People of all different colours, racial backgrounds, ethnicities that do commonly have issues with hyperpigmentation. People who have fairer skins that perhaps have very sun damaged skin and also those who have scarring left over from acne presentations or even scarring from trauma and injury.

Many people who perhaps are seeking other types of treatment such as peels or dermaroller treatments would very much need to go on a regime of this type of skin care to prep their skin thoroughly and obtain the best results from those two therapies. We can also treat skin on the body as well as the face so you are not restricted to just treating the face. It’s excellent for liver spots.

It’s also excellent for stretch marks and areas of scarring that may present itself own the legs for instance or even areas of darkening actually on the joints which is very common amongst people that have olive to dark skins. Just to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result and to boost individual confidence as well.

If you want to know more about these products do come see me. If you’re someone who is struggling with your skin care perhaps you’re not getting any joy from it or obtaining the results you’re actually after. If you’re someone who has acne or any pigmentation issues at all or simply just want to improve and rejuvenate your skin then do give us a call and come to see me and let’s talk about it.


To discuss if prescription skin care products  might be suitable for you, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to organise a free consultation for you.




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