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What are the clinical and aesthetic indications of Botox?

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What are the major treatments possible with Botox?

The three main areas that we use Botox for cosmetically are in the forehead, the horizontal lines, in the frown area, commonly called the eleven lines and the crows feet, so the lines that come around here. And the crows feet can be quite an early sign of ageing in the face and it’s a very effective treatment for the crows feet and also in preventing the lines and wrinkles from getting worse in the future. We also use it in the lower half of the face for more subtle treatments. So, for example, as we get older we get that sort of sad face where the corners of the mouth start dropping down. And Botox used subtly can just help to neutralise that or lift it slightly. And also for what we call gummy smile. When people smile you can see a bit of extra gum just above the teeth and Botox can just relax that down so it’s not so obvious. In the neck area and in the jaw line we can do something called a Nefertiti Lift which helps to again just improve the jawline appearance and lift it up a little bit. Also in the neck what we call the platysmal bands or the turkey bands which they’re commonly known as. A few injections on either side can really just soften out those bands and give the neck a much smoother appearance.

What are the clinical applications of Botox?

Non-aesthetic applications, so clinical applications: Botox is used for chronic migraines, teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism, and hyperhidrosis, so excessive sweating in the armpits, in the forehead in the hands and also in the feet. It works very well, it lasts for up to six months. So, cosmetically it can last up to four months, but clinically in sweating it can last longer.

Am I going to look frozen after Botox for wrinkle relaxation?

We tailor each consultation for our patients. We try to achieve a natural look with our patients and give a natural enhancement. At botonics we try do a natural treatment to start with and we review our Botox patients after two to three weeks and we can make minor adjustments if required. We don’t try to make our patients look frozen, we just give them a natural enhancement.

What are the risks of Botox?

Botox is relatively safe to administer. The most common side effects include bleeding, bruising, swelling and maybe a bit of redness. Some people complain of a bit of a headache afterwards. There are very minimal long term side effects, if any at all. Most side effects last for a few days and generally settle down.

Since Botox is a toxin, are there any systemic health risks from treatment?

There is a very low chance of any systemic risks of Botox. Over the last thirty years, there is very little, little information and literature or evidence to suggest that there is a systemic problem after Botox administration. Botox is designed to be injected into the muscles just underneath the skin. However, there is a small chance it can be injected into a vein. However, the doses of Botox which are used cosmetically are incredibly low and get broken down by your system very quickly so there is a very, very low risk of any systemic problems from Botox treatments.

Are there any long term affects from Botox?

There is no documented long term effects from Botox. There is no evidence to suggest there are any long term effects from Botox. However, some people may notice that there is movement in other areas of their face. This is not because of the Botox. It’s just that other areas then become more obvious and more noticeable.

How long does a Botox treatment last?

Botox treatment usually lasts about three to four months on average. We can never tell exactly how long it will last for each patient. We have noticed over time with repeat treatments, the effect seems to last longer and the lines certainly get better over time.

Are the results of a Botox treatment visible immediately?

Botox doesn’t work immediately. After the initial injections there won’t be any difference. It takes a few days to start working and the full effect takes two to three weeks. And that’s why we review our patients after that time to make any minor adjustments.

Is it okay to have Botox treatment just once a year?

You’re entitled to come once a year, that’s absolutely fine. However, if you wanted to maintain the results over time, and get a general improvement over time then we would recommend usually coming every three to four times a year once you’ve noticed the Botox wearing off.

What do you think of people in their teens and twenties having Botox for wrinkle relaxation?

I don’t believe in teens having any treatment. However, in mid to late twenties it’s a good, preventative treatment and we have noticed over time with people having Botox in their twenties, over time, their lines have improved or stayed away in their mid-thirties. There are some exceptions with late teens who have naturally wrinkly foreheads and I think it’s acceptable with appropriate consultation to administer Botox.

How is your approach to Botox treatments different from other clinicians?

My approach to treatment is an evidence based, practice based evolution over time. So I’ve treated thousands of patients and noted minor differences in each patient and therefore I am able to tailor my treatments which are better suited for each individual rather than just administering a standard amount for each patient. And we tailor our treatments for asymmetries and their desires of what sort of results they want to achieve over time.


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