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What is Dr Goyal’s background and experience in cosmetic dermatology?

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Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am a doctor. I qualified in 2004 and I’ve been doing aesthetic treatments since 2007. I also have an interest in clinical dermatology and I work at the local hospital in the dermatology department.

What can I expect at a cosmetic dermatology consultation with you?

I try to look at each patient as an individual. We make an assessment of their face, and we discuss their concerns, then we come to a conclusion about the best way to treat the patient. And that may not necessarily be Botox because there may be problems in the lower face. So we go through the whole consultation process and discuss how we’re going to best treat the face. Not just on the day, but how to look after them in the long term.

What is your typical client like?

Most of my clients are females from their late twenties on wards. And we usually discuss how we can best treat them and enhance and rejuvenate their facial features.

Do you see younger clients?

For our younger patients, usually we treat tear troughs, noses and also lip enhancements.

What’s your favourite treatment?

My favourite treatments are fillers and my favourite filler treatments are tear troughs, jaw lines and cheek enhancements. I love the fact that fillers give a result straight away, and it’s great to see half way through the effects on one side of the face compared to the other side of the face.

What do you like most about aesthetics?

I’m actually quite an artistic individual. So I’ve always had a keen eye on the aesthetic. So it combines my medical background and my artistic background and it just makes a perfect mix for me to treat patients.

How many aesthetic clients have you treated?

I’ve treated approximately three to four thousand in the last 10 years, since 2006 and the number is growing.

I’ve never had treatment before – is it going to be painful?

These treatments can be painful, but I try my best to make them as painless as possible using special techniques, using anaesthetic appropriately and also using the best equipment available to us.

Are you going to make me look fake?

We try very hard not to make our patients look fake. We like to go for a natural enhancement in all of our patients.

Why should I come to you for aesthetic treatment?

I have many years of experience and not only do I concentrate on the concerns that you have but we look at each patients as an individual and we take a holistic approach to the aesthetic care. So it may be that you just need some advice and that’s absolutely fine. We’re here to advise you on how best to approach your aesthetic treatments. Not just now, but again, in the long term. It may be better to have a gentle treatment to start with, and then look at other areas in the future and not do everything perhaps all in one go.


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