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FAB TV presents a live demonstration of a non-surgical nose job by Naruschka Henriques

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Now we’re here with Naruschka Henriques located in Harley Street. Now this looks like a very interesting treatment. This is amazing. Just even the little bit that she’s been doing it is crazy to look. Wait til you get up and see what she did. But look how it’s just straightened out the entire nose.

So what are we doing here? I mean, are we doing a treatment for the nose because typically, we all know that if we are going to correct the something on the nose we always think of nose surgery. Nose job surgery. Yes. So what are we doing.

Absolutely, it’s just like that except we’re not going under the knife so we’re not opening the nose and we’re just doing some simple injections to just manipulate the shape of the nose and perfect all the little areas where it’s a bit, you know, asymmetrical, to make it straighter from the profile and looking at the nose straight on and we’re also going to lift the tip a little bit. The tips a little bit going off to the left so we’re going to straighten that for Isabel. And we’re also going to correct this little area below the tip as well so that we have that consistency going all the way through the nose.

So the typical patients for this, obviously I’ve got like a bump. I think there’s a lot of people who have a bump. So this is a great treatment just to soften things and smooth things out. Is that right? Absolutely. And if you tried to smooth the bump does it, would it make your nose larger? Who would prefer to do that and in what way? It’s an excellent treatment for nose bumps. Good, because we both have bumps. I’m sorry, we’re asking about ourselves here.

They’re very common, very very common. Everyone seems to have a nose bump. But you know, the wonderful thing is that it is treated in about 10 – 15 minutes. There’s no surgery, swelling. Absolutely, absolutely. You don’t have that downtime, next day you can just resume your normal activity. Nobody’s going to know, you might be a little bit swollen but that can be managed and, you know, it’s just not an obvious thing and not so disruptive to your everyday life.

Would you say the only negative thing would be like someone would have to come back and have top up treatments versus, you know, surgery which is more permanent? Absolutely, I mean you do have to maintain it but each time. Yes, it really is, each time you maintain it you get something that stays with you and that’s all the collagen that stays behind. So it never really reverts back to its original state and, you know, each time you maintain it you do it less frequently too. So this is using a hyaluronic acid filler. That’s right, yes. You’ve treated half the face so far. Yes. So we’re really excited to see the results. We’re going to come back to you and see the final result.

That looks incredible already. I’m looking forward to seeing the result. Yes, this is still amazing to me. Like, if you look from this angle it’s completely straight, and it was curved. I’m not quite sure how you did that with fillers. All right, shall we sit up Isabel and see the final result. Yes, sure. So, Isabel, sit up for me. Wow, I mean you can really see the result. That really is something, uh? Naruschka, just basically summarise what you’ve done there.

Ok, so what I’ve done is a few different things. We’ve actually straightened the bridge because there was a little bit of a deficit of volume above the bone here in the centre of the nose. This is what we call the bridge. So this has allowed Isabel to achieve a really nice, straight line. There’s still a curve. And the tips up a little bit. Absolutely, lifted the tip. And also there was an asymmetry just above the tip where one side was a bit flat and a little bit low, so we’ve evened that out and made it symmetrical. And just below the tip, if you lift your face Isabel, we’ve actually done some injections just here just to straighten up that tip and lift it up nicely and give it that nice line straight down the nose.

That’s really, really impressive. It really is something. Thank you so much for both of you coming in, you’ve done well. It’s really beautiful.


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