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Is collagen induction therapy a good treatment for acne scarring on dark skin tones?

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Dermaroller, often referred to by medical professionals as medical needling or also referred to as collagen induction therapy because it does just that. It really does build collagen, it’s excellent for thickening thin skin, it’s good for improving the texture of fragile skin, reducing fine lines and overall rejuvenation of the skin.

It’s excellent for all skin types regardless of the colour, regardless of the age. It will do most things that a peel can do because it will force the skin to rebuild itself and produce some new skin but without the downtime that a peel would give you because we don’t remove the outer layer.

So the beautiful thing is you can have this literally in your lunch hour and go off back to work and no one would know. Or you can have it, perhaps take some time out because you’ll be a little bit red afterwords, but the following day you’ll be fine to see everybody you know and nobody would be any wiser.

The roller itself is small handle, the roller, it’s got roughly 129 needles on. Each needle is cone shaped, they’re designed to pierce the skin to a very specific depth. And we do have needles in different lengths depending on where we want to actually get to in the skin.

It’s excellent to use in conjunction with skin care because you’re delivering the skin care directly into the skin to a specific place that you want to target. So it can always augment all the benefits that you would get from your skin care and I certainly do a lot of that with my clients that I have on skin care.

We can use a dermaroller practically anywhere on the face and the body so we can treat around the eyes, we can treat the face, the neck, the decolletage, backs of hands. It’s excellent for stretch marks, it’s good for pigmentation, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. It’s also very good for scar improvement as well. It’s very much a lunchtime procedure because it doesn’t take very long to do the procedure.

It’s important, though, to have anaesthetic because it can be a little uncomfortable. I tell all of my clients, come in good time so that I can get lots of anaesthetic on you so that you can be as comfortable as possible.

If you want to know more about having a dermaroller treatment, then get in contact with botonics and we can talk to you more about it and assess you for this treatment.


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