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Joseph Harwood’s jaw slimming and chin augmentation experience

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Hi everyone, it’s me Joe and today I’m bringing you a brand new plastic surgery series video. So, can you guess what it is I’ve had done? I’ve basically gone back to botonics which which is my fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous practice in Harley Street with the wonderful Bill and Naruschka. And Naruschka, as always, has done wonders with my face. So I was really obsessed recently with figuring out what people like Iggy Azalea and Amber Rose, what they had done with their faces because I know they go to the same person and I saw that their cheeks and and their chin had both become a little bit more projected. Now I know what people do with the cheeks, it’s very simple, we’ve shown a process on this side of my face on my channel. But, I never saw the chin. I’ve seen people get their chin slimmed down like Bethenny Frankel because they can Botox the muscle that you grind your teeth with essentially. So when the muscle is not used anymore it starts to get smaller and just like when you can’t work out your arm anymore, the arm gets smaller. So it does that to your chin, it does that to the jawline. That’s one process I was really interested in getting done. But I didn’t know what they did to the chin. So basically, if you have a cleft in your chin or you have a dimple in your chin, you can actually go right down to the base of the chin and fill it up in the same way you do your cheeks. So now, my jawline is perfectly round. I didn’t realise how much of an impact this made until I saw it in the mirror afterwards and I was like Jesus Christ, I have a chin? Where did this chin come from? Where was my chin before? So I love the result in my chin. That was instant because fillers are instant. Then we went through just the muscle that grinds the teeth and we paralysed it with Botox. That takes 6 to 8 weeks to show the full results and we’re on week 3 now. So you won’t obviously see a dramatic result but you can definitely see in this side, it just shrunk. This muscle is a little bit more prominent because my braces made my teeth touch a little bit closer on this side so I definitely know this one needs a little bit more time to develop, but how awesome are the results? So this is a brand new treatment I hope you guys enjoy and here we go to Harley Street.

Hi everyone, it’s me Joe and I’m back in Harley Street with the wonderful botonics with the gorgeous Naruschka. So today what are we going to do? We’re talking about jaw clenching and muscles in the jawline and the jaw and what we can do to reduce that.

Yes, to slim it down.


Because it makes bulkiness.


And we don’t like bulkiness.


Because it gives us bad proportions.

Yes, so I’ve noticed in the last year my teeth have been grinding a lot more through stress and I’ve noticed that my face, especially here, it like juts out in a different way. Is this going to help that?

It will help that. It will help, sort of, the way it looks. But also the way it feels too.


Because it will actually reduce some of your grinding and also your clenching and if you’re having any aches and pains or spams, which often happens with people who are, you know, busily grinding or just after clenching, then actually it will reduce that too.


So you get more comfort, and for some people it can actually help them to learn to control it and and get back to, sort of, like more of a recovery period.

That’s cool. So what do we use to do this?

We use Botox.

So I’ve seen a lot of people like Amber Rose and Iggy Azalea who have work done with the middle of their jaw as well, not just the reduction but almost like a more defining of the structure of the jaw. How is that done, is that done with Botox too?

That’s done with filler.


So what we’re doing is adding volume, but very specifically to certain points so that we give you more projection.


It’s good for balancing a convex profile.


Or, for a, sort of like a more sort of a small chin, minimal, what we might call a receding chin. And it’s also good for ageing chins because we lose volume in the chin, both in the bone and also fats and so you’ll find you might get some shrinkage there and we can bring it back, by you know, just by adding that bit of volume in the right place.


So today we’re going to a combined both and make the jaw round and lets have a look.

Okay, so we’re now going to go into the procedure. We’ve just done a quick little touch up on my nose and my cheek and if you’ve missed those videos you can see them on the channel already and definitely find the information in the links below. So we’ve just actually been using the topical anaesthetic. How long did that go on for, about 10 minutes?

Yes, about that.

Perfect. So it doesn’t hurt, it’s not scary and this pretty much numbs it. So we’re going to go in with the the filler before the Botox.


Because you can’t lay down on Botox.

Yes, for 4 hours.

Okay. Okay, so here are the immediate results but obviously we’re going to be waiting 6 to 8 weeks. Is that about right?


Fantastic. It was so easy. That was so much easier. I always have this fear the night before: Oh my God it’s going to hurt but it never does. Okay, so aftercare, what do we do now?

Okay, so, for the next 4 hours I’d like you to avoid lying down. For the next 24 hours don’t wash you hair, don’t pick up any, sort of like heavy objects and don’t do any exercise.


And that includes stretching.

Okay. You said I could actually eat or chew something to help it distribute through the muscle.


So is that important with this particular one?


Okay, awesome.

Yes, very important, because it will help relieve the pressure in the muscle after just having injected it in. You’ll feel better as well. So I can actually see the end result and I can assess actually whether it needs adjusting. If need to give you a little bit more then that’s the time to do it.


So we can actually see what I’m actually treating.

Cool, so we’ll be back then and you’ll see the results.

All right guys, so this is the results after 3 weeks and as I’ve said, you can pretty much see. Fantastic, right? We also touched up the cheek and we touched up the nose but with this treatment as we’ve explained, this muscle takes about 8 weeks or so to actually really shrink down and get the full results. So if you have a wide face, or if you feel like you’re getting a little bit. I don’t know, I felt like my face had definitely started to change as I got older. I definitely felt like this part had become a little bit more bulky looking in some of my videos. So I thought let’s go ahead, let’s try and my God it just makes you look so much more youthful and symmetrical I think. So very happy with the results and I can’t wait to see how it goes. So we’re going to go back to Harley Street in about 3 more weeks now just to get a revision. I’m going to film a little bit more then. So I can’t wait for that. Definitely check back for the final results and I will see you all in my next video. If you have any interest in any of the procedures I’ve had I film them each and every time so you can check back and have a look. All right guys, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video.


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