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Naruschka: So Sheramin, now that you’ve had your treatment, how do you feel about it?
Sheramin: Oh, I love it. I’m so happy with it.

Naruschka: And is there anything that you feel you want to change, or further enhance or are you happy where you are?
Sheramin: No, I actually really love it. I really love all of it. Maybe my lips a little bit?

Naruschka: Okay. So we’ve got a tiny bit of your filler remaining. So why don’t we use that today to do a touch up on your lips and then you’ll be good to go.
Sheramin: Oh, fab! Yes, let’s do that.

How long did swelling last?
The swelling actually lasted for, I would say about six to seven days. Like the worst of it was the day after. But everyday, it went down by half. And literally, it went down by half, every single day. So by Sunday, I had hardly none at all. But I did still bit of like bruising. You know when it goes that funny, yellowy kind of a colour. Like, literally under the eyes, but that was it. It was absolutely fine after that.

When did you first see bruising appear?
Do you know, nothing happened that evening. The day after, in the morning. That’s when I woke up and I kind of, I felt that my face was swelling up. So obviously I looked in the mirror. So it went more red than anything and then the bruising just kind of came out as it does over the days, and then it just disappeared.

Were you sore after treatment?
I had a bit of discomfort, literally, around here. I’ve kind of felt a little bit like I might have been punched in the face. But, I wasn’t. And that was it, that lasted for a good couple of days. So I was on pain killers but only until Thursday. Thursday I didn’t take any, so I had my treatment on the Sunday. So Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I did take the Benedryl, I did take the pain killers. Thursday I woke up I was absolutely fine. Like the pain had literally gone. And then after that it just kind of smoothed out.

Are you glad you had it done?
Oh my God, yes! Am I glad I’ve done it? Yes, there’s no going back for me now. I’m definitely going to saving up for a mini face lift for when I’m fifty. So yes, I’m on the road to no return. And I can’t wait to get the next thing done.

How important was it for you to have this treatment, and what did that mean to you?
Do you know what, I’m really not a vain person. I know I might seem it because I’m having all this done but I really am not a vain person. But in my head, in my whole head, I’m a twenty five year old person. And in the mirror, I’m a forty five. And I want my head and my mirror to say ‘Hey, we look the same, and this is it.” But I’m not trying to be young, I just want to make the most of what I’ve got and just enjoy and have confidence. I’m in front of a mirror every day, it’s part of my job. So when I look up and I see a tired looking Sheramin, or a run down looking Sheramin and inside I feel, you know, completely different, I just want it to match. You know, what I feel on the inside is what, how I look like on the outside.

What advice would you have for a friend?
The one thing that I would is just be prepared to feel a bit of pain and a bit of discomfort because, you know, beauty is pain. But you come out on the other side. If you really want to do it, then do it. Don’t talk to people who have negative thoughts or opinions about it because, you know what, let them grow old gracefully. It’s absolutely fine, each to their own. But if you want to do a little bit of enhancement and, just for your confidence, just so you feel good about yourself, then just go ahead and do it. It hardly ever goes wrong on anybody and you know, that is the thing that I have to say is. You hear all the things that go wrong, you know you see these people on TV having this squeezed out and that cut out and you know, but they’re in the minority. And the most of us are really, really happy with what we have done. I mean, I’ve seen I’ve seen clients come and go who have had work done and walk out with a smile on their face. So I’m going to say, I don’t know the statistics really but I’m going to say probably nine times out of ten it goes fine. If you’re in that little minority of one percent where it’s going to go wrong then it’s just unlucky I don’t know what to say to you but it’s a risk you’re going to take and just do it. You can do it the one time and never have it done again or your can do it the one time and become an addict. So yes, my name is Sheramin, I’m an addict. So I love it and I would totally recommend it. I don’t know what else to say. Like maybe people should just write a programme about people like me who are really happy. Like put me on the telly and I will sing on the rooftops and say yes I’ve had Botox, yes I’ve had dermal fillers, yes I’ve done this and I’m happy and I’m glad I’ve done it. Instead of putting people on there going “Oh, you know, it all went wrong.” Because why? They went somewhere cheap. So, you know, you don’t do your homework that’s what’s going to happen.

Would you recommend Naruschka to a friend for treatment?
I have recommended you to everybody. And I will carry on recommending you to everybody. Because I think that you do the right thing for what your clients need, for what your patients need and you don’t exceed what they want and I know that you would say ‘No’ to somebody. And then I know that you would say, well actually, this would be better for you. So yes, for sure, I would definitely recommend you to my friends, family, my clientele, everybody.


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