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Liquid lift with dermal fillers reveal and reaction 4 of 5

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Naruschka: Okay, so now we’re finished. How does that feel?
Sheramin: Oh my God, that looks amazing! Oh, I love it!

Naruschka: So what we did, we addressed the tear trough area which was the circles under your eyes and where you had the dark shadows. And you can see it’s brightened up a lot already.
Sheramin: Absolutely.

Naruschka: And you know, it’s going to improve further because you’re going to get all that collagen later on between, sort of, six and twelve weeks and that will give you the finishing touches that you need. We’ve done a Cheek Enhancement to take away that line that was running through your cheek.
Sheramin: Oh, that’s fantastic.

Naruschka: Yes, and it’s also given your cheeks a nice shape as well. It’s given you the definition back that you probably would have had before I would imagine.
Sheramin: I did.

Naruschka: Yes, absolutely.
Sheramin: Oh, that’s amazing.

Naruschka: It’s also improved the area, actually, around the mouth too. And then, of course, I did the area under the corners of your mouth the Oral Commissures or the Marionette Area and also, as a little extra, we sort of discussed later in the treatment didn’t we just doing that little line over your chin just to soften it off. So it’s looking a bit bruised at the moment, you’ll see the effects of that when the bruises wear off. And also the more hydrated that that skin becomes, both there and also under your eyes, is, you know, the better the skin is going to look. It’s going to look a lot smoother.
Sheramin: Oh wow.

Naruschka: And we put just a tiny, tiny little bit of hyaluronic acid in your lip to hydrate it. Not to change the shape because that wasn’t the objective.
Sheramin: Yes, it looks fantastic, I love it. I really love it I’m so happy with it.

Naruschka: Good.
Sheramin: Thank you.

Naruschka: I mean you’re not seeing it as its best now. Because now you’ve got all that trauma all over your face. But when it’s going to really look good is, you know, in a few weeks and then actually at three months that’s when your filler is going to look at its absolute best.
Sheramin: Oh, fantastic, I can’t wait.

Naruschka: All right?
Sheramin: I don’t usually want time to go fast, but now I do. Because I want to see the results

Naruschka: Yes.
Sheramin: Because if it’s better than this, I think this is wow. This is amazing! Oh my goodness. Yes, I love it, thank you so much

How was your treatment?
It was better than I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t painful, at all. It was a little bit uncomfortable but otherwise, no it was absolutely fine.

How long did it take?
It took about 30 minutes, but I had different areas done which obviously it took a little bit longer than I suppose it was estimated before. But it wasn’t as long as I thought either. Actually it was very quick considering.

What are your initial impressions?
Wow! It was absolutely wow! I love it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I wish I’d done it before. But I’m glad I’ve done it now. And I will definitely be maintaining this.

Would you recommend these treatments to your friends?
Oh, absolutely. I’m going to be recommending everybody. So yes, everybody is going to hear about this. I’m not going to have, have it as a secret. I want the world to know, I’ve had fillers and I’m proud of it. And I totally would recommend my friends, my family. Anybody that’s got you know, any inclination of doing it. Just do it, and be happy.


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