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Tear Trough Treatment as Seen on Channel 4’s Bodyshockers with Katie Piper

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Katie Piper: Eye lifts are the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the UK. But now there’s a radical new option called Tear Trough Treatments that promises to rejuvenate and refresh your eyes all without going under the knife. People as young as 18 are getting it done and next in line for the treatment is A Level student Xeena from London, a self-confessed selfie addict.

Xeena: I do consider taking selfies a very serious art form. That’s the one! That was the one, lighting was perfect, life is complete.

Katie Piper: Xeena’s convinced that there’s two things preventing her pictures from being perfect.

Xeena: I’m only 18 but I have the eyes of a middle aged woman going through a mid-life crisis. My eyes sink in a lot, the wrinkles, the lines are really deep. I just constantly look fatigued. Sometimes I can be sitting for an hour taking photos of myself to get maybe two perfect selfies. I say perfect, I really mean mediocre.

Katie Piper: This teenager has tried every natural remedy to stop her eyes from ruining her photo face.

Xeena: So I’ve tried lots of home remedies to try and refresh my eyes. From things like the traditional cucumbers, didn’t work. To lemons that burned, to peppermint oil. That didn’t work either so I was jsut wasting my time.

Katie Piper: Xeena’s certain she’s in need of Tear Trough Treatment, but best mate Raquel can’t quite see what her problem is.

Xeena: Ok, look at my eyes. Raquel: Ya. Xeena: Can you see anything wrong with my eyes? Raquel: No. You don’t need that procedure. And they’re sticking needles in your face? No. Xeena: It’s not about needing. If I needed it then I’d probably die, if I didn’t get it. I don’t need it, I want it!

Katie Piper: Undeterred by her friend, Xeena is on route to get her treatments.

Xeena: I am most nervous about being prodded with needles in my face. I think it will definitely be worth it. Any kind of pain or anything, I’m not bothered. I’m ready!

Naruschka Henriques: Now, I’m going to make my entry point with a needle. It’s ok, just stay as you are, nice and still, and relaxed, going in.

Katie Piper: Under local anaesthetic, Independent Nurse Prescriber Naruschka Henriques repeatedly jabs filler into the delicate area under the eyes to plump them up.

Naruschka: There you go, lovely.

Katie Piper: The procedure costs £750 and in under 30 minutes Xeena’s treatment is complete. But can she see any difference?

Naruschka: See what you think.

Xeena: Oh, I definitely see a massive improvement! I really like it! I feel awesome! Just look at the results. I think when I take a selfie, it won’t take me like four hours to get two pictures. Hopefully, it should just be like click, oh my God that’s the one! Upload!


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