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Are tear trough treatment suitable for teenagers? Listen to this client’s tear trough treatment experience.

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Can you tell us about your tear trough treatment experience?

I’m eighteen years old and I’d noticed from when I was about 12 when I entered high school that I had quite deep, sunken in hollows under my eyes and quite deep wrinkles. And it bothered me because that’s the age when you become more conscious of your appearance.

And I’d researched different home remedies, stuff like cucumbers, lemons, oils, just drinking more water and sleeping more. And I tried all these things but none of it worked. And then, when I was eighteen, I was researching and I came across tear trough treatment and I became interested in it because it wasn’t any surgery, it was just a cosmetic procedure.

Even though it did involve needles and I was a bit scared because needles in my face, but I thought I would research it some more and I saw some of the results from other people that did it at this clinic called botonics. So I thought I’d go ahead and try it out. And then, on the day, I saw my friend Racquel and she kind of discouraged me from doing it because she really heightened the fact that I was putting needles in my face and that there was risks and stuff, but I did come to botonics clinic.

I did speak to Naruschka and she made me feel much more at ease because she did highlight the fact that there were risks but at the same time the positives I think outweighed the possible risks and she’s a professional, and she’s got a lot of experience so I put a lot of trust in her. And she was very skilled when she did it. It was much less painful that I expected. It was just more uncomfortable if anything and I saw the results immediately so I was really really happy with that as well. And it was just a really simple and quick procedure actually. So I’m very happy with it and I would definitely recommend it to other people.

Did you have any bruising or swelling after treatment?

My bruising was very, very minimal. It was only for about a day. You couldn’t really tell that there was any bruising. It just hurt a little bit. But I used the arnica cream and then it went down within a day, so it was really good.

Did any of your friends or family notice the change?

My mum did notice that I had something done because I approached her and asked her if she could see any difference in my face and she actually thought that I had an eye lift. So that shows you just how, like, good a non-surgical treatment can be.

Would you have the treatment again?

I would definitely have the treatment again.


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