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What makes the Dr Levy Switzerland products so revolutionary?

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My Name is Dr Phillip Levy, and I’m a Swiss-Canadian Dermatologist practising in Geneva Switzerland. I specialist in non-surgical rejuvenation techniques that reverse the signs of skin ageing.

In today’s world, nobody wants to look their age any more and many people seek to restore their skin’s natural beauty. Having just developed new skin care products under the brand name Dr Levy Switzerland, my patients naturally asked me “What is unique and new about your products?” The quick answer is, that Dr Levy Switzerland’s Booster Cream and Booster Serum are the world’s first cosmetics scientifically proven in-vitro, to activate and vitalise both dermal, and epidermal stem cells.

Skin stem cells, it’s important to remember, have unique anti-ageing properties since they renew themselves, as well as repair, replace and regenerate damaged skin. But let me explain to you in a little more detail the extraordinary scientific advances behind the development of these special products.

In the last two years, there have been three major discoveries in the advanced stem cell technology. One: in Montpellier France were able to make 101 year old skin cells as active as those of newborns. They proved that, not only did skin cells retain the memory of their youth, but that old cells could actually become young again. Two: cardiologists in the United States published a study that the heart could be repaired by stem cells, even after a severe heart attack. And three: researchers in Toronto Canada discovered the exact location of dermal stem cells.

The very cells that are at the course of the skins natural anti-wrinkle system. So now, we know that stem cells have the power to repair the body and to repair the skin. We know the exact location of the source of the skin’s youthfulness. And as well, we know, that old and tired skin cells not only remember how they were when they were young, but that they are also capable of becoming young again. This is fundamental since an important cause of skin ageing is worn out, tired stem cells. In other words, the younger your skin’s stem cells are, then the younger your skin will look and the more collagen your skin will produce.

I realised that I now had within my reach scientific possibilities with the same potential as the discovery of Botox. As all aesthetic doctors know, in spite of the exceptional results we achieve with Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, we can never really improve neither the tecture nor the deep quality of the skin. After many months of research in partnership with Swiss laboratories, we developed an exclusive, patented formula call ArganCellActiv. This formula includes Argan CDV, the world’s first plant derived stem cell extract scientifically proven to boost the vitality of dermal stem cells in-vitro. ArganCellActiv also includes an epidermal stem cell activator. This was shown in-vitro to boost old stem cells so they recapture their capacity to rebuild skin as if they were young stem cells.

Dr Levy Switzerland’s Booster Cream and Booster Serum can powerfully revitalise the skin’s own system. You may not remember how your skin was 20 years ago, but your stem cells certainly do.


For more information about or to place an order for Dr Levy Switzerland range of intense stem cell cosmeceuticals, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to help.




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