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What treatment is effective for wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and other scars on all skin types?

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Introducing the Dermapen 3, the world’s leading fractional micro-needling device which works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the appearance of facial and body skin.

The Dermapen 3 is effective in reducing the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks and keloid, surgical and acne scars.

The Dermapen 3 offers many advantages over its predecessors, dated rolling devices and other forms of micro-needling technology. Dermapen 3’s exclusive AOVN technology increases the effectiveness of treatments while reducing epidermal damage and drag when compared to other devices. The easy push button start switch allows for convenient operation, while the deluxe 4 metre integrated cable delivers greater freedom of movement, also guaranteeing consistent mains power. This means the practitioner is never challenged by variations in fluctuating power or depleted batteries to ensure a constant and effective procedure.

The Dermapen 3’s patent pending micro-needling cartridge is sterilised in individual, single use packages which reduces any risk of cross-contamination. The precisely tuned tips are specially designed not to allow cosmeceuticals or other fluids to contaminate the device. This eliminates the need for special membranes required by other devices that are not precision tuned. The superior design of the high tensile springs used in Dermapen 3’s needle tips enhances comfort and results whilst offering the safest and most controlled method of treatment on the market.

Dermapen 3’s unique cartridge contains 12 surgical grade micro-needles which can effortlessly be adjusted from zero to 2.5 millimetres in depth during the course of the procedure. This makes it easy for the practitioner to accommodate and treat multiple concerns whilst effortlessly maneuvering around facial contours and delicate features including the eye, mouth and nose areas. All skin types, conditions and individual patient concerns are innovatively and safely treated.

Dermapen 3’s multi-needle cartridge vertically stamps the epidermis penetrating all skin thicknesses, textures and colours without the risk of bending or breaking the needles or destroying epidermal integrity. The sloped, or curved, insertion of needles on a rolling fractional device can create damage trenches in the epidermis and lacerate tissue leading to increased pain, extensive bleeding and extended recovery time can result. Dermapen 3’s automated vertical stamping creates complete patient comfort whilst ensuring rapid recovery.

The exclusive AOVN mechanism facilitates the absorption of topical actives such as DP dermaceuticals, PRP and other beneficial products into the skin. Overall results are intensified for a dramatic and long lasting effect. Dermapen 3’s gliding AOVN technology, combined with out strongest motor to date, produces an unprecedented 1,300 rejuvenation puncture channels per second into the skin. This greatly enhances the effectiveness, whilst ensuring safe and consistent skin rejuvenation.

The Dermapen 3 delivers unparalleled results, is cost effective, easy to use and delivers complete precision for skin treatment. The innovative and award winning technology, combined with low cost consumables, secures Dermapen 3 as the world’s most advanced break through for a radiantly beautiful skin.


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