What treatment is there for dark circles and hollows under my eyes?


Tear trough treatment is a treatment with dermal filler to the hollows under the eyes which can present with a line that extends from the inner corner of the eye into the cheek. This is what we refer to as the tear trough line. It can present as very severe in some individuals and it can actually be present even from childhood.

“For a long time, the lines, the dark circles and bags under my eyes have bothered me and it’s something I’ve had for as long as I can remember I’ve always had those dark circles and the lines.” “I think sometimes it really affects me and I feel a little bit insecure as well.” “I’ve tried every cream, gel, roll on, cucumbers, what ever you can think of I’ve tried them all.” “I actually never knew there was a way to solve it until my mum doing research and that’s how she found the botonics clinic and said, there is something that can be done about it.”

This is a specialist area. It needs to be done by somebody who is experienced, who understands the anatomy of the area well and who understands the procedure very well.

This sort of shape, is what we’re talking about here this is what I can see. And that’s what we could correct with a tear trough enhancement, which is a dermal filler treatment, ok, where we augment the area. By augment I mean put volume back in and build the area up so that you don’t have this deep indentation here but so that it’s nice and flush with the rest of what lays below it which is the upper part of your cheek. “Ok.”

What I would use for this procedure is a dermal filler, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

Because you’ve lost volume, the skin is a little bit darker, ok, and a bit more transparent than it normally would be. When we put some filler in this area, it won’t look so transparent. Just these very, very fine lines in the skin. It’s just a very mild sort of crepey type effect, that will improve as well. “Ok, that’s really good.”

The musculature around that area is quite fine, quite delicate, it doesn’t break down the filler very quickly and the treatment may last a year, a year and a half or even up to two years.

“God, I’m so pleased! It’s just such a huge difference. Yes, it just looks like much fresher. A big improvement.”

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