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Which non-surgical BBL technique is right for me?

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Comparing Non-Surgical BBL Techniques: Which Is Best for You?


Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) using dermal fillers has revolutionised the field of cosmetic enhancement, offering individuals the opportunity to achieve their desired buttock shape and contour without surgery. At botonics Plastic Surgery Group, situated in the heart of Harley Street, central London, we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation, with over 500 five-star reviews on Trustpilot. In this blog post, we will explore and compare different non-surgical BBL techniques, helping you determine which approach is best suited to your unique goals and aspirations.

Dermal Filler Selection: Customising Your Results

The choice of dermal fillers plays a crucial role in achieving optimal non-surgical BBL results. Various types of dermal fillers are available, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. At botonics, our experienced practitioners carefully assess your individual anatomy and desired outcome to select the most suitable dermal filler. By customising the filler selection, we can tailor the treatment to enhance your buttocks in a way that aligns with your aesthetic vision.

Injection Techniques: Precision and Expertise

The skill and technique employed during the injection process significantly impact the final outcome of non-surgical BBL. Our highly trained practitioners at botonics utilise advanced injection techniques to ensure precise placement of the dermal fillers. By strategically injecting the fillers in specific areas, they can enhance volume, contour, and symmetry to achieve natural-looking results. The expertise of our practitioners is instrumental in delivering safe and effective non-surgical BBL procedures.

Combination Treatments: Maximising Results

In some cases, combining non-surgical BBL with complementary treatments can further optimise your results. For instance, individuals with loose or sagging skin may benefit from additional skin tightening procedures, such as radiofrequency or ultrasound therapy. At botonics, our comprehensive approach allows us to address various aspects of buttock enhancement, tailoring a treatment plan that best suits your specific needs and goals.

Longevity of Results: Maintenance and Touch-Up Treatments

Non-surgical BBL with dermal fillers provides immediate results that can last for several months. However, it is important to note that the longevity of the results varies depending on factors such as the type of dermal filler used and individual metabolism. To maintain your enhanced buttock profile, touch-up treatments may be required over time. Our practitioners will create a personalised treatment plan, including follow-up appointments and maintenance sessions, to ensure your desired results are preserved long-term.

Choosing the Right Technique for You

Selecting the most suitable non-surgical BBL technique is a decision that should be made in consultation with our expert practitioners. During your free consultation at botonics Plastic Surgery Group, we will assess your goals, evaluate your anatomical considerations, and discuss the various techniques available. Our team will guide you through the decision-making process, taking into account your preferences, lifestyle, and desired outcomes to determine the technique that will best help you achieve your ideal buttock contour.


Non-surgical BBL techniques using dermal fillers offer a safe and effective alternative to surgical interventions for buttock enhancement. At botonics Plastic Surgery Group in Harley Street, central London, our exceptional reputation is a testament to our commitment to delivering outstanding results and exceptional patient care. Contact us to arrange a free consultation, where we can assess your suitability for non-surgical BBL and help you embark on your journey towards a more confident and enhanced buttock profile.

To arrange a free consultation for Non-Surgical BBL, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to organise that for you.

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