Dermal Fillers Before and After Images

  • Dermal Filler Liquid Face Lift

    Treatment: Cheek enhancement + nose to mouth lines + temples, jawline, nose bridge
    Product: 3.5ml Perlane + 1.6ml Juvederm 4 + Prescription skin care
    After photo taken: 11 months
    Specialist: Naruschka Henriques
    Age: 39 years
    Comments: Client lean and looked gaunt.

  • Dermal Filler Treatment

    Treatment: Cheek enhancement + nose to mouth lines
    Product: 2.0ml Sub Q + 3.0ml Perlane Lido
    After photo taken: 17 days post treatment
    Specialist: Naruschka Henriques
    Age: 40 years
    Comments: Severe indication of nasolabial fold and lipo atrophy in cheek region due to 2 past pregnancies and weight loss.

  • 'Sad Mouth' with Dermal Filler

    Treatment: Marionette Lines
    Product: 0.55ml Juvederm Ultra 3
    After photo taken: immediately
    Specialist: Naruschka Henriques
    Age: 32 years
    Comments: Client unhappy with down turned corners of mouth.

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