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5 /5


9th October 2020

I have been going to Naruschka for over 6 years now and I wouldn't trust anybody else. When starting to think about using fillers, like most people, I was very worried about going to the wrong person. I spent a huge amount of time researching numerous clinics and practitioners in London and found Botonics very quickly as Narushcka's name came up time and time again for her artistry, skill, bedside manner and reasonable cost. On meeting her in person and getting my first treatment, she did not disappoint. I have a tricky lip shape to manage, but her work has always been extremely natural and subtle and many people close to me have been very surprised when finding out I had had 'work' done. On branching out to filler in other areas of my face, she has always had expert precision in the 'natural look'. She always knows what to tweak and what to leave well alone, often turning me down for treatments I thought that I needed when I didn't which has helped me build up a huge amount of trust in her. The whole Botonics experience is extremely professional and well oiled by Bill and the rest of the bookings team. Naruschka is medically trained, an expert at what she does and always up for a good chat! I always look forward to my appointments :)

Filler treatment...

5 /5

New Customer

25th July 2020

Was not too sure what to expect on the day of my treatment with the new norm. After having an execllent consultation with Narushka prior to treatment ,I felt rest assured my treatment plan was to go ahead and my safety was imperative.
Day of treatment, execllent care felt extremely safe, and well looked after with regular checks made by Narushka to ensure I was comfortable throughout the treatment, thank you. Love the results. For anyone who may feel a little reluctant booking due to being safe, I cannot Express how good the team were with PPE and looking after clients.

Dermal fillers

5 /5


23rd February 2020

I've done a few dermal fillers at Botonics and had excellent service level and results. Naruschka is very patient at explaining the procedure throughly, she made me feel very calm and confident with the process. She has fantastic attention to details, very thorough in her work, and extremely skilful in sculpting to enhance your natural feature/ look.
I have been visiting Naruschka for a few years now and the result has been consistently great. No one noticed that I have had anything done, but all my family and friends are amazed about how young and fresh I look. I'll be following and using her service hopefully for a very long time and keep looking like I were always in my 20s!

Cheek, jaw and chin fillers + fat removal injections.

5 /5

Faris Rai

28th September 2019

As I've aged towards my late 20's and have a job which involves being in front of camera, I have noticed things about my appearance which have decreased and become personal insecurities of mine. I was physically in better shape during my younger years and my face had become more circular, losing definition and structure around my bone areas. I was really struggling to accept the consequences of aging and tried taking better care of my health, fitness and nutrition. Due to my busy schedule it has been hard to maintain consistency and discipline therefore I haven't been getting the results that I desire. Botonics fixed my problem. They offered me a safe and comfortable solution with fillers and fat removal injections. This is something that I have never thought about and didn't even know exists. The thought of plastic surgery is extremely daunting and most people would be too afraid to dare go ahead with such a thing...However, they also all have personal insecurities which they would remove in a heartbeat if found the opportunity to do so. Non-surgical fillers helped bring back the shadow, tone and definition which I thought that I lost in my younger years and made me happy with my appearance again which I haven't been in the recent years of my life. They are incredible at what they do, are well educated within the industry with experience and knowledge. I couldn't recommend them any more if I tried. I felt like I was in safe and secure hands during the whole process right from the first consultation right to the final procedures. Thank you Bill, you and your amazing team gave me the confidence to embrace myself and be more comfortable in front of camera.

First Class customer service

5 /5


20th September 2019

First Class customer service; very pleasant surroundings and efficient management of my case throughout.

I will definitely use again, and would recommend to friends and family without hesitation.

Dermal Fillers

5 /5

Wenjuan Liu

8th May 2019

I had very good experience with Dr. Naruschka. During the consultation she understood what I was looking for straight away. After 2 treatments of dermal fillers, she helped me get my younger face back. A huge thank you to Dr. Naruschka.

Dr Naruschkas service is excellent and…

5 /5


18th April 2019

Dr Naruschkas service is excellent and I highly recommend it.
My procedures have been tear trough, I have also had fillers and dermabrasion and I have never been disappointed.
5 stars!

Recently I had my first ever experience…

5 /5


8th February 2019

Recently I had my first ever experience of cosmetic treatment with Botonics. I had heard of the non-surgical nose jobs and wanted to look into it as I have never been happy with my nose. Having looked into Dermal Fillers it was definitely something I wanted to try out not only on my nose but my chin and lips to help soften the overall appearance of my face. I spoke with Bill, my coordinator, over the phone who was so friendly and we arranged my free consultation with specialist Naruschka who would be doing the treatment. I was very nervous going in as I really had no idea what to expect but they were both so lovely. I sat down and explained what I was unhappy about with my face, how it was affecting my self-confidence and how it was really important that the changes looked as natural as possible. After taking before photos, I was made comfortable and Naruschka applied numbing cream to my nose, lip and chin and left it to kick in for around 15 minutes. The treatment took around 30 minutes all together and was less painful than expected, it was definitely uncomfortable but bearable. Naruschka was talking me through it throughout and made me feel at ease. They had been hugely informative about aftercare and what products they recommend to assist the healing process beforehand which was so helpful. My lip was swollen and bruised, and there were little bruises on my nose but all coverable by makeup and healed within 4-5 day. The results have been much better than I had ever expected, I have had comments from people saying they can notice something different but cannot put their finger on what. One of my biggest worries was how natural it would look, and I am so happy with how its turned out and would hugely recommend anyone considering treatment going to Botonics.

I have been a client for over 6 years

5 /5


28th December 2018

I have been a client for over 6 years . They are extremely professional and I would not go any where else. The consultations are in depth so you get treated with the right products .. giving you the best results. There is a lot in the market today but this clinic offers you products/treatments that work and give you results .. follow the recommended treatment plan and your results will be outstanding.. I have done these treatments for over 15 years .. this is the only place to go .

3 years ago i was diagnosed with a rare…

5 /5


14th September 2018

3 years ago i was diagnosed with a rare skin condition known as Morphea. This caused some asymmetry and a cleft to form on my chin. This made me feel extremely insecure, so much that I would avoid taking pictures because I was so embarassed. After reading a few reviews online I decided to get in contact with Botonics. I was offered a Free consultation with my coordinator Bill and specialist Narushka Henriques. After explaining my condition, Narushka explained in detail what she felt she could to do help me. She was extremely knowledgable and Not once did I feel pressurised to make any decisions. Narushka made me feel at ease and reinsured me with all the many questions I had and made the entire process a very positive and relaxing experience. So pleased I decided to buck up the courage to go ahead with my chin augmentation, I'm not a massive fan of needles but can honestly say the treatment was far less painful then expected. My results are incredible and so natural looking. Overall I had a very personal service the follow-up aftercare was excellent with transparent and fully inclusive pricing. Thankyou so much again for everything Narushka and Bill. You have honestly changed my life.

For a safe pair of hands and professional care

5 /5


10th May 2018

Have been a patient with botonics since 2009 for a variety of services including surgery--there are many plastic surgery offices between my house in Northants and Harley Street but I chose Botonics and have been very happy with the consistently courteous and professional care. Very scared of blepharoplasty surgery but wanted to at least try it. Dr. Joffily was very reassuring and explained the procedure thoroughly, nurse also was the best; on the day the procedure went smoothly from beginning to end. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Joffily for any of the plastic surgery procedures they offer. As for botox and fillers, Narushka Henriques is extremely knowledgeable and professional, in many ways an artist. She stays current with any changes and improvements in her field to offer the best advice on products that enhance your individual look. I high recommend this service, especially for anyone with reservations about plastic surgery or other enhancements. You will be in safe hands at Botonics.

Filler by Naruschka is the best

5 /5


10th December 2017

I had filler done under eyes by Naruschka. There was no marks after the treatment and the doctor made me feel so comfortable as I was so nervous since it was my first time. She is very genuine and will set realistic expectations. Definitely I'm coming back to see her for more treatments.


Chin Augmentation 5***** Review

5 /5


4th September 2017

Chin Augmentation 5***** Review. I WOULD HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENED BOTONICS. What a wonderful experience. I was so worried going into this treatment. Chin augmentation is not something that you hear much about, but what difference the results can make to your face! I have never really liked by side profile, and I put a lot of this down to my chin shape. The whole of my family have the same sort of chin and it is almost a bit of a trademark. However I have never been a fan. I contacted Botonics to see if something could be done about this, and they let me know that it is actually a pretty common and simple treatment. When I arrived at the clinic on Harley street which is a very convenient location for me, I was immediately welcomed and explained everything in very thorough detail. This calmed me down immensely! The treatment was quick and painless (which I didn't expect) and the results are amazing! I no longer have the chin I hated and I much prefer my side profile, especially in photographs. I didn't realise the difference it would make. But I will defiantly be having this done again! Thank you Botonics!

It's all in the detail - highly recommended

5 /5


22nd March 2017

I have been seeing Naruschka Henriques for many years now and I definitely wouldn't trust anyone else to give my face this level of care and attention.

Naruschka is nothing less than outstanding when it comes to delivering the very best results every time I have a treatment with her. Without fail, I have always been well taken care of and completely reassured every step of the way.

She’s absolutely amazing - especially when it comes to detail. She's always attentive to my every need.

I can't recommend her enough.

Lip enhancement with Ms Naruschka Henriques

5 /5


27th January 2017

The whole experience with Botonics has been a totally positive one from scheduling the appointment to the fantastic results Naruschka produced on my mouth! She really listened to what I wanted, the fact that I was going for a very natural look, and she managed to achieve just that! I would definitely recommend!

Great experience

5 /5

Syed Ahmed

30th December 2016

I booked an appointment for 9pm August 31st 2016. Intended to have treatment on the day. Narushka made me feel relaxed, couple injections & it was done. The next morning, hardly any bruising however nose did look quite big but started looking normal after 2-3days. Great. Thanks

Best decision!

5 /5


30th December 2016

The area under my eyes started to look bad in the past few months (even when I had enough rest I still looked very tired). Naruschka reviewed some photos of me in advance and confirmed that I appeared suitable for tear trough. It was a 3 week wait until my appointment. I had lots of questions and was corresponding with Bill and Rosalie were a great team who were more than happy to answer all my questions and put my uncertainty at ease. I had tear trough treatment with Naruschka Henriques 3 weeks ago. The treatment itself was not painful, just uncomfortable. I had very minimal swelling and slight bruising only on one side. Naruschka was very professional, as soon as I met with her I knew she was the right person. When I went back to work, everyone mentioned I looked "fresh", like I've been on holiday. I can say it's the best decision I've ever made - going to Naruschka and getting tear trough treatment.

I highly recommend botonics

5 /5


23rd December 2016

After weeks of research for the perfect clinic to get dermal fillers, I came across botonics. I noticed they had excellent rating and reviews. I also looked at the before and after photos which further convinced me that this is the perfect clinic. So I decided to give it a shot and booked an appointment with Naruschka. Im so happy with the treatment i received from her at botonics for the nose to mouth lines as well as the non-surgical nose job. She was very reassuring throughout the procedure and made sure I knew exactly what to expect. The results are amazing, it's such a relief to finally feel confident with how I look. I was very self conscious about my nose especially how it looked from the side. Now it's smooth and straight and appears smaller. Similarly, my nose to mouth lines are no longer visible, it's great to smile again without worrying whether my lines show or not. For this reason, travelling all the way from Bath to London was worth it.


5 /5


24th November 2016

I heard of Naruschka after doing extensive research a few years ago for very minor amount of fillers. I am young and involved in the media, but absolutely not in the side that looks ' done'. Subtlety and a natural looking 'fix' was so important and I have now been going to Botonics for over 3 years. The appointments are quick, nearly painless and never a big deal. Naruschka is the first to say no if I have lost sight of what I think I need realistically, and has turned me down for top ups once or twice when I didn't need them. She has also completely transformed longterm skin issues I was having with a couple of recommendations for products that I imagine I will now be using for life. She is completely trustworthy and knows exactly how to get the results you want. Additionally, over the time I have been seeing her, she has become more and more difficult to get an appointment with which is a very good sign! In such a scary industry, Naruschka is like Goldust. Find her and keep hold of her! I can recommend her and Botonics 100%

Highly recommended!

5 /5


16th November 2016

I decided to have a consultation at Botonics to address a few issues with my skin: Hyper-pigmentation marks following a course of IPL (at another clinic) gone horribly wrong; post pregnancy acne; smile lines and lines under my eyes that made me look tired all the time. Over the past few years I have gone through a lot both physically and emotionally due to health issues and that showed on my face. I did not want to look 20 years younger, I just wanted to look fresh but still myself.
I had a consultation with the lovely Naruschka, she listened to my concerns and came up with a plan to tackle these issues. Not at one point I felt rushed to make a decision there and then, Naruschka totally understood what I was after and advised the best course of action. She explained fillers were my best option for under my eyes and the smile lines. I did ask about having Botox but she advised against it as I wanted to maintain movement on my forehead and that to me confirmed she was only going to suggest what was best FOR ME! She definitely has a more personalised approach and she wants you to be happy with the final result and if you are after a natural result she will give you just that! I felt so comfortable during our consultation that I decided to go ahead with the fillers on the same day. It hurt a lot less than I imagined and I only had some minor swelling for a couple of days under my eyes but none noticed not even my husband! No swelling anywhere else and NO bruising whatsoever. If you follow the pre and after care you are given at your appointment it does help a lot.
The result was exactly what I had in my mind: I looked less tired and more youthful but still me. Perfect! I immediately booked a follow up appointment with Bill and I saw Naruschka again to discuss acne skin care a couple of weeks later. She explained that although to deal with the hyper-pigmentaiton a peel and maybe a course of derma pen was ideal, I couldn’t do that with active acne on my skin so she gave me some prescription skin care first. Once my acne is under control then I can go ahed with the other treatments. She explained how to use the products and what to expect (some redness and peeling for the first week or so which is exactly what happened) and after only 2 weeks I cannot believe the difference! I have already booked my first peel in 4 weeks time and will keep seeing Naruschka in the future without a doubt! She is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable in what she does, she listens to you and she REALLY cares. Highly recommended!

Excellence in Practice

5 /5


13th September 2016

I came to Botanics after over one and a half years of research seeking advice regarding non-surgical tear trough and naso-labial fold treatment. I also wanted to see what could be done to safely lighten hyper-pigmentation marks left behind by years of acne in younger years & dark skin under my eyes, without damage to my skin (African/Caribbean).

From first email contact with Bill through to the appointments with the amazing Naruschka, I found a totally professional and sympathetic organisation.

Naruschka's detailed explanation of the various fillers available, the pros and cons of each one, the possible negative side effects, how long the fillers were likely to last, were unhurried and thorough, and any questions were answered fully. I did not sense any compulsion to take up any procedure either at that first appointment or, indeed, at any later time.

I went ahead with the treatment with the recommended filler & there was little to no pain, for me. Naruschka even ensured that I did not have a needle phobia. She took the time necessary to make sure that the treatment was administered well - she even told me about the slight differences in the bone structure on each side of my face that required slight differences of approach from one side to the other. It felt like I worked on by an artist!

After the setting up follow-up appointment through the lovely Bill to ensure that all was well with the fillers, I made another appointment to address the darker marks on my face. Again, Naruschka's explanations and advice in the use of the recommended products were exemplary. I am now into the second week of using these products, and, so far, so very good indeed!

The appointments did not feel rushed in any way. Naruschka gave all the time I needed to understand everything and address any concerns and questions I may have had.

Very highly and unreservedly recommended.

Brilliant service

5 /5

Sally Hampson

31st March 2016

Naruschka and Bill are a wonderful team. Bill responds immediately to any questions, queries and requests regarding treatment, making you feel welcome and secure from the get go. Naruschka is an extremely talented clinician, as well as making every treatment a relaxed yet highly professional experience.

I have had non-surgical treatments in other places and when I met Naruschka for the first time I had had some really unhelpful treatments elsewhere which had resulted in my face not looking like me at all! Naruschka has worked with me for a while now, allowing my natural features to come through, and enhancing those. I think she is an artist in the way she works with fillers and has an overall sense of a person's face, keeping everything in balance.

I would not go and see anyone else at this point, as I trust this team completely, it is rare to find such personal service and artistry in this field.

Botonics is the best I have over 8 years experience

5 /5

Mrs Earle

11th June 2015

You only have one face and you need to think carefully about where you go. Yes dermal fillers have risks but not if you go to the right place. You need to be seeing someone who is busy therefore they have a lot of experience. Dermal fillers are best administered by someone with an artistic eye. The result you get is 90 percent down to the skill of the injector. Most places if you request lip augmentation will do this for you but don't you want someone to look at all your features and offer you advice rather than take your money for a treatment that just might not suit you if what you really need is a cheek augmentation and botox? Botonics is the most professional company I have come across. Trust me I've been to a few with bad results and no aftercare. Botonics have helped me through a bad experience that I had for that I will be forever grateful . I am 45 people say I look early thirtys. Did this happen overnight... No .. But under the care of the Botonics team this is what I've achieved. If you want to go to a place that knows how to administer treatments safely and professionally with great results I can't recommend Botonics enough. Please be careful when you choose where to go dermal fillers are everywhere even in a beauty salon with someone who probably sees 7 people a week . At Botonics there busy all day all week the experience they have and the service they offer is outstanding . Naruschka's expertise cannot be matched and I know this as I found out the hard way by going to places that couldn't offer the right advice and most of all the correct treatment. I hope my review has helped anyone who is considering Botonics. You will be in safe hands and you will love the results.

Man - Face Filler Treatment & Botox

5 /5

Paul Scott

9th May 2015

I decided to write a review about Botonics due to excellent service I received. As many men I was keen to maintain my looks and as I was in my early 50s I wanted to reduce the appearance of my nose to mouth lines (nasolabial fold line) which were slowly deepening as I aged. I conducted some research and decided upon Botonics. The appointment was easy to make and as they are based in Harley Street easy to reach. I met with the specialist Naruschka Henriques. She was fantastic, friendly and very knowledgeable. The appointment was unhurried, options fully explained, expectations discussed and costs detailed. The consultation is free and following the consultation you can either proceed with the agreed treatment or leave and consider. No pressure sales techniques are encountered. I decided to proceed with the filler treatment. Naruschka placed a numbing cream onto the treatment area and explained what she was doing as the treatment progressed. The filler contains an anaesthetic which numbs the area further. The filler was slowly injected. What I particularly liked about the filler treatment is that the results are not immediately noticeable as it develops over the coming days and weeks as the collagen builds. In addition the treatment only takes about an hour and can be done in your lunchtime. A review of the treatment is carried out about two weeks later, although any immediate concerns you can just ring Botonics. On a pain scale of 1-10, 10 being the most painful, I would put the treatment at about 3 or 4. I am very pleased with the results and people have remarked I look well, although specifically they can’t tell what I have had done. My nose to mouth lines have significantly reduced and I am really pleased with the results. As I was so impressed with the treatment I went on to have tear trough and chin fillers. Both have given fantastic results. I have also had some Botox, although I didn’t feel the results were as beneficial for me as the fillers. If you are concerned about any of these treatments, discuss them with Naruschka. Personally I have not had any negative issues with any of the treatments. I have been a client of Botonics for about two years and actually quite look forward to follow up treatments! Bill coordinates all of the appointments. He provides you with dates and times appointments are available. He confirms them in an email. A further call is received on the day of your treatment to remind you. Bill's professionalism is endemic of that of Botonics. If your reading this review and not sure, just ring/email Botonics and make the appointment to have your consultation, you will not be disappointed!

Facial fillers

5 /5

V Woodcock

6th May 2015

The care I had was excellent. My treatment was discussed and any questions I had were explained. The treatment happened over a few weeks and each stage evaluated. Naruschka but me at my ease and explained what was going to happen. She would not rush the treatment as she wanted to see what the result was like and she would adjust it on the next visit. So getting a better result. I will continue to see Naruschka when I need a top up. Also Bill who I liaised with about appointment was helpful and professional.
I would recommend having treament with her and her professional attitude to the work she needs to do, to enhance your appearance.

Excellent Advice, Excellent Results and Excellent Aftercare

5 /5


29th January 2015

As a late forties man pleased at successfully losing weight I found myself however with the unwelcome side effects of gaunt looks, deep tear troughs and sagging nasal folds.

I looked online at the possibility of correcting the problem and initially found a clinic on the continent that seemed to offer an answer with something called a feather lift.

The continental clinic scheduled me for a interview with the surgeon which was great- until I was advised that the only solution would be an expensive full mini-lift procedure. When I asked if there was any alternative, less invasive treatment I was told there was none suitable in my case. More worryingly, in my opinion, they seemed to grossly underestimate the recover time required.

I turned back to the internet and had the excellent good fortune to find the Botonics website. There was a number to call and I spoke to Bill who was superb and spent 40 or so minutes very clearly explaining the alternatives to surgery. Filler treatments, although not permanent, were minimally invasive, had minimal recovery time and could produce very good results. Having sent photos I was given a clear estimate of costs and subsequently booked a consultation.

Naruschka who conducted the consultation exuded professionalism and was more than happy to spend time answering all the last minute questions of a rather nervous potential patient. After our chat I was more than happy to proceed with the proposed filler treatment.

The results- I was delighted and best thing of all I was able to walk out back to the hotel looking improved- but normal- no scars, no significant swelling and no time off work.

Afternote: About a month after treatment I had cause for concern when I noticed swelling around my eye. I suspected it may be a mosquito bite (I work overseas where they are common) but was nevertheless worried it might be a reaction. Although very late afternoon I contacted Botonics urgently,

The response couldn't have been swifter. Bill emailed back, Naruschka was consulted and full advice on a precautionary course of medication was given in case of a possible infection or reaction. Bill continued to follow up daily on my status and after a day or two the swelling completely disappeared. Maybe a false alarm- but I was truly impressed and indeed grateful for Bill and Naruschka‘s fast response, concern and help.

I would be more than happy to recommend Botonics to anyone.

Sculptured Cheek bones, and fuller mid-face (Jamaican black women)

5 /5

Deborah Hammond

25th December 2014

From the age of 42, (8 years ago) I had had a bottom molar removed from my left side. The dentist explained that due to this procedure, that my cheek would sink inwards. It did! This did not give me a nice facial frame. The look was sunken and with the addition of a long face by nature, made me look gaunt and haggard. After seeking to find a solution I came across fat transfer. I found a surgeon who is competent and passionate in his work, and confident and formed a good relationship attitude to me as his patient. So over some years with the imminent aging process with loss of fullness in the lower/mid-face I have visited my surgeon and always have had excellent results. The look I was after and he understood, was that of a more youthful, fuller face (goes without saying really who doesn’t want to look more youthful).

My face, I am happy to say, has never gone back to the gauntness I started with, however, I have had top up fat transfers every 18 months to two years. My last top up was September 2014, another excellent job, however, for whatever reason, the fat diminished like a balloon within 2 months, I was devastated. The fat loss was not completely diminished, but I lost a lot of volume, too much for my liking. I work overseas, so due to that reason another fat transfer and being so soon would be out of the question. I started to investigate a quick solution, as having another fat transfer would also mean downtime, which I did not have the time to take. At the time of investigating my solution, personal circumstances brought me back to the UK.

Just before I had had my previous fat transfer, I had come across Botonics, and that was due to watching a YouTube, blogger who is a makeup artist, he had recommended Naruschka, he mentioned that she had been a makeup artist. Due to that statement I listened intently to his review and knew that Naruschka having an aesthetic eye, would be able to deduce the procedure that would give me the results of what I would be looking for, (aesthetically pleasing to the eye). I emailed Botonics, whilst still overseas, and was surprised to get a telephone call from Bill, who answered all my questions. I was very dubious at the time, although I had read and heard the reviews. I decided to go ahead and meet with Naruschka as I was going to be in London.

An appointment was made, I meet with Naruschka, still dubious (I am being honest); she talked me through the procedure for dermal filler treatments, showed me pictures of clients (before and after) was never pushy, I liked what she said. She asked me, what do I think I need. I explained , and she caught my vision of how I wanted to look (which is essential for any client). However, I decided not to go through with the procedure and went ahead with my fat transfer.

As I said the after the swelling went down with the fat transfer, within a very short space of time I lost a lot of volume (2 months); it had never happened so dramatically in the past. I was back in London again in November for 2 weeks, and was able to schedule an appointment with Botonics. I meet with Naruschka again, confident in what she was telling me, and confident in her skills to make me aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I decided to go ahead with the dermal filler treatments. Naruschka, tells you when she is about to inject and talks you through the procedure, whilst she is doing it, I personally appreciate that. She sculpted my cheek bones, filled out the hollows and nasolabial folds, and some divits in my chin.

My personal experience. The procedure is not pleasant. Naruschka used a numbing cream on my face which helps (?!) well I do not know what a cannula feels like going in your face without the numbing cream. Leaving the cream on for around 20 minutes, the cannula is used to make a small incision for the injection of the dermal filler mixed with lidocaine although you start to numb, the feeling I can only describe as ‘irritating’. However, it is bearable (keep in mind the end results!). For me I took long deep breaths which helps the mind and body to stay relaxed. Naruschka explaining what she was about to do also helped.

Although very swollen, the end results where good. At the time I was overwhelmed with the look. To add I had no bruising, and after the procedure the cannula holes gave a look like bad acne. I did take arnica and zinc pre and post procedure. I am writing this 4 weeks post procedure and my sculptured look has soften immensely, and looks amazing, now I am immensely ecstatic!!

I have had great compliments, ‘you’re really pretty’ and the ultimate one was ‘are you a model?!’ wow at that time I think dermal filler wouldn’t cut it, my head was swelling!! LOL!! The main comment I get is, why do you wear makeup you dont need to....!!

Thank you Bill and Naruschka, you are a great team, highly recommended. If you are debating and pondering and unsure, don’t be you are in safe hands, go and get your procedure done, you will be pleased with the results!

simply the best!

5 /5

Why Did I Wait So Long?

9th April 2014

i have been going to see Narushka for a couple of years , and can really say that she knows what she is doing , you are her canvas ,shes the artist
after years of deliberation of whether i should get fillers in my cheeks ,and lower part of my face ,i finally went for it , but not before countless questions (which i fitted in during my botox top ups) and other consultations..Narushka assured me what would work ,and what would not ,she was calm and professional ( even though i must of driven her mad) i was a nervous wreck ,of not knowing what the outcome would look like....
so i finally went for it , first of all just a just a small amount of filler , as she assured me it would be best for me to take baby steps. After the second visit and last top up ,i am thrilled with the results. I simply cannot believe that it has taken me so long!

For professional, perfect results, I couldn't live without Botonics.

5 /5

Linda Blakely

9th April 2014

I was having my botox done at a different clinic and I wasn't that happy with the results after visiting them twice. I thought I would try a different clinic and found Botonics.
Upon my first visit, the friendliness of the staff and the personal service that I felt they really cared about me and giving me exactly what I wanted, was a huge attraction. I went ahead with my botox there and I have never looked back. The results were so much better and really amazing. My sister was so surprised with the results, she started to come too. I would never use anywhere else now. Narushka is absolutely brilliant and takes how you want to look extremely seriously.
I have also had an upper eyelid lift with Botonics and this has also taken years off my appearance.
Bill is such a friendly voice on the phone and listens to what I really want to achieve. They work with you to give you the absolute best results. I am so pleased that I found the best place to have my botox done and my minor operations. These guys really care and offer a fantastic follow up care service too.
I cannot recommend Botonics enough, I would never trust anyone else now that I've found the best.


5 /5

Malgorzata Kurzownik

8th April 2014

I was really happy with the final results. All the people I know were telling me that my skin looks better without even realizing I had any treatment (fillers and Botox).
I would strongly recommend botonics Plastic Surgery Group as the service is carried out in professional manner and employed staff is skilled and experienced.

Naruschka is the best cosmetic dermatologist in London!! I would t trust my face to anyone else.

5 /5

Lisa Lo

15th November 2013

I have used Botonics now for approx 2 years and I would not go anywhere else. They are extremely professional and service minded, everything from the friendly co-ordinatior Bill on the phone to the highly skilful specialist Naruschka Henriques.

The procedures I have had done include derma fillers to enhance the cheekbones, Botox and also fillers in lips and smile lines. Naruschka is very attentive to your needs
and I am always extremely happy with the results. I would not trust my face to anyone else.

I have seen plenty of other cosmetic dermatologists in the past, but Naruschka is simply the best. In other clinics I have often ended up with bruises and swelling in my face for days afterwards, but Naruschka is so gentle and skilled with the needle that I don't bruise at all after her treatment. She knows exactly where to inject filler to enhance your beauty and to give you natural, subtle results.

Botonics has my highest recommendations and would recommend them to anyone.

Excellent results, just what I was looking for

5 /5

Hadeel ALRabeh

5th November 2013

Very professional, very talented, understands what ones is talking about. Provides honest advices. Patient in explaining and answering questions. I will definitely go back again.

I look ten years younger!

5 /5

Juel Stokes

21st November 2012

Botonics is amazing! I look ten years younger and without having any surgery. I had a chemical peel on my face, the results are awesome, it's mad to think that I will get younger looking each year after an annual Skin Peel. After the initial application my face was a little red but Ok and the top layer of my skin came off naturally over a week, like a clear face pack.
I also had my lips done and it's the first time I have nice lips in my life, I can wear bright red lipstick without the lipstick "bleeding".
I feel so beautiful!!!

I had outstanding results with Botonics and would recommend it to everyone.

5 /5

Jayne Dunkerley

20th November 2012

I try and keep young, active and healthy, but at 47 I noticed facial expression began to show and I really wanted to find a way to refresh my face, especially my eyes. I have used all the creams that are available and nothing worked, so I decided to contact Botonics after checking other sites out. Botonics came up on top with all the research I had done, (which was a lot.). I really hated the way my eyes looked with my crows feet, my black under eyes, so I decided to book a free consultation. I could not believe how warm and friendly my first visit was with Naruschka and Bill. I have received a very thorough, honest and knowledgeable advice from them both. They answered all my questions I had going around In my Head, I so much wanted my black bags to go away along with my crows feet. I decided to have Dermal fillers for my crows feet, Botox for my forehead and between my eyebrows and my eyebrow lift, Tear trough for under my eyes, and Cheek enhancements. The price is what you see with No hidden extras. Then I Kept thinking to myself, If they can do all this I would be so grateful and look wonderful. I could not believe they could do so much to enhance the way I would Look. I decided there and then I wanted all the treatment done because they were so Positive with what I would look like afterwards. They also never tried to sell me more than I actually needed. Naruschka performed the treatment, and I must say, I never felt any pain whatsoever which I could not believe, Naruschka was very thorough and didn't cut any corners, very professional personal service. She was informing me on everything she was doing while keeping me in good spirit. the results were outstanding. It took a couple of days for the slight swelling to go down which Naruschka had told me about, only had one little bruise under my left eye. The treatment took years off me and I'm so pleased with the results which they said they could deliver and they did. Follow up treatment was just as good, Bill had phoned me a couple of days after my treatment to see how I was looking and feeling. Within a week I had received three phone calls from Bill and Naruschka. After care treatment was excellent. Would recommend Botonics to everyone.

Excellent service, personal approach, great communication.

5 /5

Aleksandra Sulbinska

20th November 2012

I keep young, active and healthy, but at 40 the sleepless nights (I have young children) and using a lot of facial expression began to show and I really wanted to find a way to refresh my face and get rid of baggy eyes, hollow cheeks and very prominent nose-mouth lines. I've heard of Botonics from a friend, who uses their service regularly, and I went for a consultation. I have received a very thorough, honest and no nonsense advice. They answered all my questions about my type of skin, available treatments, their effect, how long would they last, the products they are using, the product safety record, etc. They also never tried to sell me more than I actually needed. I have decided to go for the "fillers", the lady who performed the treatment is a trained and experienced health professional, she was very thorough and didn't cut any corners. The treatment wasn't very pleasant (sorry!), but bearable and I could see the results immediately! It took a couple of days for the tenderness to subside, but it was all well worth it, as I look just like I did 10-15 years ago! It won't change your face, it just takes off years of worry! And the service, after treatment client care and communication are next to none. I would recommend Botonics to everyone!

Naruschka is an excellent practitioner.

5 /5


20th October 2012

Naruschka has a very good understanding of how the face works and where needs attention. She is very helpful in explaining the way the face changes and what works best for an overall result. I would recommend her to anyone after having tried a few others who ranged from good to rather awful! I also find Bill a very easy person to book everything through and diligent in following up and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Very natural result,will not see anyone else in the future!

5 /5


7th August 2012

I stumbled across Botonics originally through Groupon,where i purchased a voucher for a derma filler treatment.
I was quite apprehensive as I work as a Model and I my work depends on my face.
Narushka laid my fears and doubts at rest very quickly,understanding the results i wanted and reassuring me by answering patiently all the thousand questions i bombarded her with.
I had the lines between nose and mouth done,and she did such excellent job,it lasted more than a year until i saw her again to have it done again!
She also injected a small amount of derma filler into my top lip,as it has become slightly thinner with age.The result is brilliant,very subtle but i feel like my lips are back to how they supposed to look!
I am thrilled and will be back for more in the future!Highly recommend.


5 /5


8th June 2012

Naruschka is brilliant! I had dermal fillers in my nose after drug abuse, I had 2 sessions with Naruschka and she has completely resolved my problem. The procedure did not hurt at all and healed within 2 days.
I would definately use botonics again.


5 /5


15th May 2012

Friendly and professional advice. Happy with results. I do recommend. :-)

I have very happy with Botonics

5 /5

Lainie Northey

29th February 2012

I have been usuing botonics for the last 3yrs or so with a break from having a baby. I have had botox and fillers on my lips and i have been really happy with the results. I especially like seeing my consultant Naruschka Henriques who always listens to where you feel the help is needed. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Excellent, Personal Service.

5 /5

Jane Hagland-Lord

16th February 2012

I have been a client of Botonics for 6 years and would not consider going elsewhere. Whether you are spending £200 or £5000 + the personal service you receive is second to none. Before a procedure or surgery the information you receive answers any questions you may have but if you still have concerns (which I did at times), I was always able to discuss these with a member of Botonics. I would not have any reservations in recommending this company.


5 /5

Santina Valdes

19th August 2011

walk out looking absoluteley gorgeous and its pain free :)

The true meaning of the word Specialist.

5 /5

Larissa Arnold

12th August 2011

I have been visiting botonics for a year now and they are yet to disappoint me. The monthly instalments are a great way of spreading the cost accross the year and mean you can have the treatment you dream of.
The consultant i see is unconditionally professional and her advice and skills are unrivalled in my experience.
Not only are you made to feel welcome and relaxed, the quality of treatment is of the highest standard and is carried out in a relaxed and most concerning manner.
I have tried others but Botonics is a must for me now. I honestly can't see me moving consultants. We are almost friends, i feel that compfortable whenever i visit.

The place to go

5 /5

Bianca L

7th August 2011

Staff is friendly, the doctor listens to what YOU want, nice comfortable environment. I had a SmartLipo procedure with Dr Joffily a couple of years ago. When I tell people it was painless, they don't believe me, but it was! After having it on Thursday, and 40 minutes of just resting, I walked to the station, got onto the train, went back to Sussex, had a comfortable weekend and went back to work on the Monday! All pain free! I didn't even take a paracetamol that weekend. I had my love handles and just below the buttocks where you get that fat stored. The results were what I expected, but it took about 8 weeks before I saw the final results. At first, you do see a improvement, but after 8 weeks, the cellulite was gone, no down time and it was great!! The really surprising thing is that after having it the cellulite was all gone. I've also had Botox treatments from Naruschka. After 4 days, huge improvement, great I've had botox many times before, but Naruschka's treatment didn't hurt at all, it was well administered, no pain at all. I noticed the change after 4 or 5 days. I've had treatments from many different clinics but I now just go to botonics because they have specialists for what you want, they listen to what you want, and want you to get a good treatment more than just make money off of you.

5 star service in all levels

5 /5

Michail Psaltakis

23rd July 2011

Great people and great results

The place to go for a beauty fix!

5 /5


27th June 2011

I have used Botonics for a few treatments and will highly recommend the clinic. The doctors I consulted with are all very professional and knowledgeable and I have been very satisfied with the results achieved over the years.


5 /5


14th December 2010

Had my second procedure at Botonic's this month and have to say I am abosolutely delighted with the results. My first procedure was for filler to my laughter lines which is fantastic and last week I had cheek implants and the results are stunning. I honestly look at least 10 years younger. I wish I had been brave enought to have this done earlier. I was extremely surprised at how little discomfort I felt during and after and amased at the instant result. The Practitioner Naruschka was very claim and reassuring and did a fantastic job. I will return in the future both for top up and maybe even discuss other treatments I have full confidence and Botonics.

Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Anaesthetic
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Full recovery
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Infection, bruising, swelling, asymmetry, necrosis, blindness.
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