Skin Peels

A Skin peel treatment is a safe and effective way to brighten the skin, reduce acne scarring, even pigmentation and reduce the signs of ageing.

A range of superficial to deep skin peel treatments are available in the UK from botonics at our prestigous Harley Street clinic, in the heart of London's private medical district.

A skin peel treatment should be administered by a specialist with appropriate training as some skin tones can react very unfavourably if not properly prepared prior to treatment. At botonics, we a broad range of experience in treating all skin tones, from very light to very dark, safely and effectively.

Treatable Areas for Skin Peel

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Neck and Décolletage
  • Arms
  • Stretch Marks

The Skin Peel Treatment

At your free consultation, the specialist will review your detailed medical history and advise whether a Skin peel treatment is appropriate for you. Except for the most superficial of peels, most skin types need to be prepared for several weeks or longer with prescription skin care products to ensure a safe Skin peel.

Once your skin has been appropriately prepared, your skin peel can take place. The solution is applied and the sensation you feel is tingling, itching and heat. The sensation can range from very tolerable to quite uncomfortable depending on your individual response to discomfort and the depth of the peel being performed. Once the solution is neutralised, the discomfort goes away immediately. A skin peel treatment takes about 30 minutes and you will probably leave with a bit of redness which may or may not be noticeable. Peeling usually starts two days after the application of the peel, and can range from light flaking to full black skin with large sections dropping off. If you're opting for a deeper peel, you should definitely plan to be able to stay indoors for about a week of downtime.

Superficial peels usually require a course of 3 - 6 treatments, deeper peels may require one or two treatments. For most challenging concerns such as deeper lines, significant pigmentation irregularities, acne scars, etc. more and/or deeper peels are required. Skin health can benefit from a peel every 12 - 18 months.

To learn more, see our Skin Peel Frequently Asked Questions.

botonics for Skin Peel Treatment

We use only brand-name, gold standard peels as manufactured and approved for use in the UK. We understand the risks and challenges associated with all skin types and all ethnicities. Everyone can benefit from a skin peel, however some skin tones do require more preparation on prescription skin care prior to treatment.

Our Skin peel treatments are administered by qualified medical specialists who are experienced in the treatment of facial lines, dull skin, pigmentation variations and scars.

Our price for Skin peel treatments start from just £350, and you can spread the cost of any treatment over £500 interest free for up to three months.

Candidates for Skin Peel Treatment

Who is a candidate for a Skin peel treatment? If you're unhappy with your skin's pigmentation, wrinkles, luminiscity, acne or other scars anywhere on your body, then our Skin peel treatment could be your answer.

Click on the Contact us link below to book a free consultation with our Skin peel specialist.


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Skin Peel

A full range of light to very deep skin peel treatments for improvement of acne, acne scarring, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, etc. suitable for all ages and ethnicities.


Skin Peel

A full range of light to very deep skin peel treatments for improvement of acne, acne scarring, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, etc. suitable for all ages and ethnicities.


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Beautiful skin is achievable with Botonics!


8th April 2014

I was referred to Botonics by a colleague who assured me that I would be in safe hands with Naruschka Henriques, and I am very happy to say that he was right! I went to Naruschka as I'd suffered for many years with acne, and with no sign of it abating in my 30s after using every treatment, tablet and product out there, I decided that it needed to be dealt with once and for all. I spoke to Bill, th...e clinic co-ordinator for Botonics to set up an initial consultation. Bill was so was easy to speak to and managed to find me an appointment time that suited me with no problems.
Naruschka is calm, professional and very knowledgeable and she explained why my skin was reacting the way it was and what could be done about it. She prescribed me a course of prescription skin care from Obagi and a skin peel.
I was nervous in the run up to the peel but Bill allayed my fears by answering all of my (innumerable) questions about the treatment, what to expect and aftercare; he was truly brilliant.
When the peel itself came around Naruschka explained every step of what she was doing and was so incredibly meticulous with how she treated my skin and applied the peel. Due to the detailed advice from Botonics I knew what to expect in terms of aftercare and how my skin would look (including that I would need to cut bits of skin off with nail scissors rather than peel them to avoid scarring). I'm happy to report that when my skin had finished peeling it looked the best it ever had. My skin has never been so clear, smooth, scar free and poreless. I am absolutely delighted. Naruschka has given me the skin I never thought I could have. I continue to have follow up appointments with Naruschka (which are free, which is practically unheard of for London) and I know that my face is in great hands. I thoroughly recommend Botonics and Naruschka Henriques for anyone who has any issues with their skin.
Read more

I look ten years younger!

Juel Stokes

21st November 2012

Botonics is amazing! I look ten years younger and without having any surgery. I had a chemical peel on my face, the results are awesome, it's mad to think that I will get younger looking each year after an annual Skin Peel. After the initial application my face was a little red but Ok and the top layer of my skin came off naturally over a week, like a clear face pack.
I also had my lips don...e and it's the first time I have nice lips in my life, I can wear bright red lipstick without the lipstick "bleeding".
I feel so beautiful!!!
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The place to go for a beauty fix!


27th June 2011

I have used Botonics for a few treatments and will highly recommend the clinic. The doctors I consulted with are all very professional and knowledgeable and I have been very satisfied with the results achieved over the years. Read more
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Your Questions Answered

? Ask an expert...

? Can a skin peel help with my acne scars and dull looking skin?

Frequently Asked Questions

? What skin peel do you use?

At botonics we use a variety of different skin peels depending on what is most appropriate for your particular needs. Many of our patients find Trichloroacetic acid or TCA works best for them. We use Easy (TCA) Peel from Euromedical which is stronger than the alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids but doesn't require the down time of a phenol peel. Usually more than one course of treatments is necessary with Easy (TCA) Peel.

? Is a skin peel safe?

The botonics Easy (TCA) Peel can be used on all types of skin e.g. fine skin, normal skin or greasy or thick skin. It can also be used safely and effectively on black and Asian skin. There is no need for any skin preparation when using Easy (TCA) Peel and it can be applied directly on top of makeup, although it is advisable to clean the skin.

? What will happen during skin peel treatment?

An anaesthetic cream is applied to the face followed by a thin layer of Easy (TCA) Peel solution. The solution dries within a few minutes and the skin is then coated in a post-peel cream. When the peel is complete the skin is most receptive to absorb the active ingredients within post-peeling cream that helps the skin renew. The post-peeling cream contains vitamin A to accelerate production of collagen, Selenium to accelerate healing of skin, vitamin E to scavenge free radicals, vitamin H to help skin grow, and vitamin C to help repair skin.

? How long does skin peel treatment take?

Your botonics Practitioner will apply the peel, wait for it to take effect and then neutralise it with a post peel cream. After approximately 30 minutes to one hour the skin will feel more taut and healthy.

? How does a skin peel work?

Every day thousands of cells die and are replaced by new ones from below the surface of the skin. This is a slow process that does not allow your skin to shed dark spots, sun damage, or a dull, lifeless complexion. A botonics Skin peel speeds up the renewal process, shedding the top layers of skin, allowing the cells to naturally heal and renew the skin within 30 days.

? How quickly will I see results from a skin peel treatment?

Your skin will tend to flake after 3 - 5 days and any dry flakes should be removed gently with tweezers. Not all patients shed skin in the same way, as all patients are different. Rest assured you will not shed your skin completely like a snake! When you do start to peel, do not rub the skin harshly or use exfoliant products. These can cause redness and irritation and possible infection. Continue to use the moisturising cream supplied by botonics as directed.

? Does a skin peel hurt a lot?

There is a slight discomfort in the form of heat or irritation experienced on the initial application of the peel but coating the skin in a post-peel cream eliminates this.

? Is there any reason I shouldn't have a skin peel treatment?

Complications are unusual but as with any medical procedure, there are risks and precautions. If you have a history of cold sores or Herpes simplex infection, it is extremely important to inform your botonics Practitioner. The sensitivity of your new skin can make you more susceptible to outbreak. It is important to remember that whilst undergoing treatment with Easy (TCA) Peel the skin has little or no protection to UV light (both UVA and UVB). Therefore it is important not to expose the skin to sunlight for at least two weeks following the Easy (TCA) Peel treatment. You should always wear a sunscreen (minimum SPF25), even in winter. There are a number of special creams available to be used in combination with Easy (TCA) Peel. Your botonics Practitioner will discuss the options with you and prescribe the correct cream to treat your skin type. It is very important to remember that you should not use moisturising creams that contain fruit acids as these may cause dryness and irritation.

? What are the side effects of a skin peel treatment?

There is no down time required with a chemical peel, but it's probably not a great idea to schedule something where you'll be self-conscious about your skin flaking off for a few days. A skin peel may cause slight swelling, depending on results required and the condition of the skin. This diminishes after the first week and the skin peels over the course of several days. The skin revealed by this peeling process is softer, firmer, smoother, line free and more evenly pigmented. Skin peel treatments, at intervals of one to two months, may be necessary to achieve the desired results. It can be used on all types of skin from normal to greasy or thick and can also be used safely and effectively on Black and Asian skin.

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Summary of treatment

  • Procedure time
  • Sensitivity period
  • Back to work
  • Full recovery
  • Duration of results

Risks & Complications

Infection, redness, peeling skin, scarring.