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Top Three Cosmetic Procedures in the UK


The UK might still be in recession, but London cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures around the rest of the country don’t show any signs of decrease. In fact, they continue to be popular, perhaps because, in a time when much of the country is feeling down, these procedures help to boost confidence. In a time when jobs are unstable and scarce, some people feel that cosmetic procedures may help to keep or get one and to stay ahead of the competition. Here, we take a look at the top three cosmetic procedures in the UK.

Breast Enlargement UK

Breast enlargements are the most popular kind of cosmetic surgery in Britain among women and this area has seen growth (no pun intended) year after year. In 2012, there was an increase of 6.2% in the number of women receiving a breast augmentation – a total of 10,003 women.

Some people might associate a breast enlargement with Page 3 models wanting to bear all, but the reality is that many women with small or disproportionate breasts have low self-esteem. Other reasons for having this procedure done include women who have had children and feel that their breasts are now smaller or less firm due to breastfeeding. Another reason is that the breasts have become smaller or lost the shape they had due to a large weight loss. Having a breast enlargement can mean that your clothes fit better, you regain your womanly shape and as a result, you regain your confidence.


The second most common procedure among UK women and the third most popular among men (with 5,373 and 684 having the procedure respectively in 2012), blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift. As we age, the eyelids can droop and make you look even older. All kinds of facial rejuvenation procedures have now become extremely popular as Brits compete with each other for employment and even for romantic partners.

Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both, giving an overall younger appearance and making you look fresh, rested and alert. It can be used to correct bags under the eyes and excess skin on the upper eyelids.

Face/Neck Lift

4,700 women in 2012 had the third most common procedure, a face or neck lift, with a rise (again, no pun intended) of 4.7% on the year before. Another facial rejuvenation procedure which is particularly common in the 40-60 years age group, this reduces the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. This was also actually the first procedure which was described to reverse the signs of aging, and developments due to knowledge and technology over the years, has led to improved techniques.

As we get older, we lose muscle tone and definition in the lower face, which can lead to sagging skin and ‘jowls’. It can also lead to a drooping mouth, which can give your face a negative appearance. Clients find that this procedure not only makes them feel more confident and attractive, but also helps to give off a better impression to other people.

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