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Vaser Liposuction surgery

Why are increasing numbers of men seeking VASER liposuction treatment?


The last few years have seen a real renaissance in cosmetic surgery for men. While modern surgery was originally developed to aid disfigured and grievously injured soldiers, at a time when soldiers would have all been male, it quickly became an area dominated by female patients. It’s fair to say that for a long time there was even a stigma applied to men who sought elective cosmetic surgery; being a man has historically had connotations of being stoic, with the expectation being that they should be happy with their lot in life, regardless of what that was.

Modern values have changed this harmful misconception though; society as a whole, not just men, has far more choice when it comes to pursuing their own personal goals. The statistics bear this out; between 2012 and 2013 alone, there was a 16% rise in cosmetic surgical procedures for men, with the number of males electing for liposuction over the same period rising by 28%, according to statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). This more relaxed, positive outlook on personal expression has changed the face of the cosmetic industry.

Why are modern men seeking plastic surgery?

The aforementioned relaxation of social stigma has led to more men thinking about the state of their bodies. Many decry this as vanity, or worse still, following the crowd; but there’s really no reason to not see this as anything other than a positive development. Of course, there is also a negative element.

Men have been freed to pursue their ideal lifestyle and body image; and many have decided that there is a faster, easier way to the body of their dreams; one that doesn’t necessitate spending hours at a gym or partaking in restrictive diets. This simpler alternative is cosmetic surgery, and men can now be more confident than ever in the safety and efficiency of the methods and technology available in this industry.

The efficiency and innovation of modern plastic surgery techniques have now lowered the cost, and sped up the delivery time, of said procedures. This means that many popular cosmetic surgeries are now outpatient procedures, minimising down time, and often allowing patients to get back to work within a day of the surgery. For busy, modern men, this is not just convenient, but essential.

Why are men choosing VASER lipo?

This is where VASER liposuction procedures truly excel, offering a sought after process at a reasonable price, and with minimal recovery time. Indeed, few procedures showcase our personal focus, here at botonics, on efficient and cutting-edge procedures quite as much as VASER liposuction; which in turn goes a long way to explaining the popularity of this procedure with our discerning clientele.

VASER lipo differs from usual liposuction in a number of ways, the most obvious being it’s less invasive, less painful, takes less time to heal, and provides a more consistent effect on a patient’s body. As well as all those benefits, VASER lipo is also far less likely to result in scarring; due to the revolutionary way that the procedure is performed. A very fine ultrasonic probe is inserted through a small incision, which emulsifies the fat cells found in the area, making them especially easy to remove. Ultimately, a patient can be back to work within a week, and fully recovered within a month, which is a small price to pay for a permanent effect.

This is the key to VASER lipo’s popularity amongst modern, working men. VASER allows them to quickly and effectively improve their body image, without seriously affecting their working week. Indeed, the discomfort and scarring are so minimal that the usage of cosmetic surgery may not even be apparent; a boon for men who prefer subtlety and discretion. In other words, VASER liposuction is the ideal treatment for those wanting to take back control of their body image in an efficient and pain free manner.

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