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Fresh Magazine

Get the Perfect Smile with botonics Teeth Whitening!

Look Magazine

botonics’ expert doctor gives his verdict on which celebrities are blessed with good genes and who looks like they might have had a helping hand.

Celebs on Sunday

The botonics doctor was utterly charming and professional and put me at ease straight away. He zapped my forehead with Botox. It took about 10 minutes and was totally pain free. The results are fab!

In The Know

Botox wrinkle treatments from botonics are the ultimate in quick-fix beauty treatments. Best for: Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Boys Toys

botonics provides Medical Beauty Treatments for men designed to combat the visible signs of ageing and improve the face and body aesthetic.


Sarah has Botox and Dermal fillers from botonics. The immediate results are very impressive, particularly the fillers.

Front Magazine

Q: I’ve noticed frown marks on my forehead and a few wrinkles around my eyes. A: Botox from botonics is becoming very popular with men. It prevents wrinkles by causing the muscle to relax.

London Careers

A range of therapies is being offered by botonics, a London-based chain of clinics. Services include skin peels, Botox and injectable wrinkle fillers.

Savile Row Style Magazine

botonics’ procedures are popular with men keen to avail themselves of the latest in facial and body treatments!

London Careers

Read about the care and focus botonics gives clients to ensure a natural looking result from anti-ageing treatments!

Best Magazine

Tessa Richardson has Botox injections to stop her excessive underarm sweating with a simple treatment from botonics!

Brand New You

‘As I walked down the aisle, I could beam confidently at my friends and family’ – Read how one bride got ready for her wedding with help from botonics!


Read how men can get washboard abs in just six weeks by ‘cheating’ with permanent fat removal from botonics!


‘Once the preserve of the rich and famous, cosmetic procedures are now available on the high street’

Asian Woman

5 Ways to Lunch Hour Perfection – Asian Woman looks into the newest and most popular cosmetic procedures. Top of the list: botonics!

Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

‘Peeling Back the Years’ A skin peel from botonics will expose the fresh, and more youthful and radiant skin beneath!

Brand New You

Read how Jan Edwards, 50, from Cambridge gets a subtle, natural improvement with a Cheek enhancement from botonics

WestOne Magazine

Is Peeling Appealing? WestOne Magazine test drive the botonics Skin peel with beautiful results!

The London Paper

‘All I want for Christmas is a…’ Read how three women got Botox, a Lip enhancement and a face MOT for Christmas from botonics.

Love It!

I had wrinkle-free wedding photos with botox and dermal filler treatments from botonics

Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

Dr Joffily of botonics answers the questions you wanted asking on the revolutionary body sculpting treatment SmartLipo

Brand New You

SmartLipo results on botonics client Shalini

Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

botonics answers your questions on why a cheek enhancement is such a powerful anti-ageing treament!

The Ultimate Beauty Guide

Why the non-surgical nose job is a growing trend – featuring our very own Naruschka Henriques!

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