How much does tear trough filler cost?

Thank you for your question and I’m very glad to answer it here because we get asked so often!

The cost of tear trough treatment depends on the volume of dermal filler required to achieve an optimal correction and starts at £500 for 1.0ml of dermal filler. Prices for 2.0ml of dermal filler are £950. As with all of our prices, a full and detailed price list for tear trough treatment is on our website.

It’s easy enough to quote 1.0ml or 2.0ml, but not very helpful for someone who isn’t familiar with dermal filler treatments and won’t know how much product they need!

So it’s more helpful to say that, by the time clients seek treatment from us for the first time, the vast majority need at least 2.0ml of dermal filler and sometimes more. We do sometimes see clients for a their initial tear trough and do a 1.0ml filler treatment, but usually this is due to client budget constraints or someone who has sought treatment at the early stages of a tear trough deformity. A larger volume of filler is needed because people tend to only seek out treatment when they notice hollows or dark circles under their eyes making them look tired all the time. By that point, more dermal filler is needed to bring the client back to their optimal appearance. After the initial treatment, clients usually maintain their tear trough region with regular 1.0ml dermal filler treatments.

Client with larger faces, especially men, will need more dermal filler to achieve an optimal correction. We opt for the thicker Perlane when we need to achieve greater lift and inject at a deeper plane. Due to their thicker skin, men are more likely to require Perlane for their tear trough correction.

Even if a client will benefit from more than 2.0ml of dermal filler, we rarely would administer more than that amount at the first treatment. It is safer for skin health to do dermal filler treatments in increments. Also, a fortunate bi-product of dermal filler treatments is a process called neocollagenesis whereby your skin produces its own collagen as a result of the stimulation from the treatment. This means that your tear trough appearance will actually continue to marginally improve for several weeks or months following your treatment. We find we get the best results for clients by waiting until the initial dermal filler has settled, and the body produced new collagen, before adding additional filler.

Quite often people have an asymmetric tear trough deformity. In other words, one side is worse than the other. If that is the case, we would add a bit more filler to the worse side, thereby improving the symmetry post-treatment.

To give you an idea of how much difference 2.0ml of dermal filler will make, here is a before and after photo example of a client who has a 2.0ml Restylane treatment (i.e. 1.0ml under each eye).




To see more examples of the difference you can expect, and the amounts of dermal filler used, please see our tear trough before and after gallery.

To discuss if a tear trough treatment might be suitable for you, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to organise a free consultation for you.




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